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Thread: The Men #YVJRRQPL

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    The Men #YVJRRQPL

    Clan accepting all players with 0 requirements - The Men #YVJRRQPL

    Recruiting active players, no matter the trophies looking for a chill spot to call home!

    Do you just want to PLAY Clash Royale?
    You’ve come to the right place. Welcome to The Men #YVJRRQPL

    Are YOU the right fit for The Men? Requirements:
    . ALL ACTIVE Players Accepted!
    . Individuals who love to war!
    . Donations filled as requested!
    . Don't be a jerk, don't cheat; DO build up your
    clanmates, DO participate in events!
    . Want to have fun but learn how to get better at the

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    Space, obviously
    Try "looking for clanmates."

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    And this is Clash of Clans. Not Clash Royal.

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