Blue dog, Yellow star

Are you looking for a friendly, helpful, polite, relaxed but competitive, chatty but not intrusive, neighborhood? We are a mostly mature neighborhood with daily players.
Currently, we have players from the UK!
We welcome new players world-wide, as long as you can communicate well in English. We value each other's contributions to the team and will not tolerate our members being taken advantage of. While we love playing and winning at the Derby, we understand that not every team member can take on 320 pt. tasks or use up their valuable diamonds. We prefer members to do what they can, when they can, with the rest of the team helping as they can. Higher level players and lower level players work together for the good of all. If you cannot complete all of your derby tasks, or if you need a break from derby, please opt out. We value fair game play for all.

If a more relaxed approach to the Derby appeals to you; if you are both introverted and extroverted; if you value helping others in a reciprocal manner; if you are wanting to find a neighborhood that treats you like a friend; we would love to have you join us!