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Thread: Was level 53...

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    Was level 53...

    Hello everyone!

    I have been playing Hay Day for many (5+) years on and off and got to level 53 on my first account. I recently got a new phone and downloaded Hay Day again and started playing from the start, this was about a week ago.

    I am now already level 23 and am looking for a neighbourhood that is great at doing derbies, preferably in a higher league, and one that consists of kind and friendly neighbours that like to help each other. One of the reasons I slowed down on my Level 53 farm was that my neighbourhood disintegrated despite being in the champions league and full of kind people

    I will bring with me:
    -A hard-working individual
    -Focused on derby tasks
    -Lots of experience on correctly managing a farm

    And I can also help older players by supplying goods like cheese and cream as I don't use as much at this lower level!

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    Hi! Sounds like you would be a good fit for SUNNY ACRES.
    we are a stress-free, friendly hood. You can choose whatever derby task you take (no point minimum but need to complete 9 tasks) and we are all very chill and helpful.
    If you would like to try us out, i will lower the ‘required level’ to enter for you ☺️
    our tag: #9VL8P2PG (red fox on blue circle).

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    Come join us #990jqv9p

    We are a balanced , friendly, semi-competitive neighborhood. We compete to win for a couple of weeks. Afterwards we play in derby to earn just enough points to get the derby awards (minus those awarded to the top 3 neighborhoods). Called “horseshoe weeks” this more laid-back approach allows us a bit of a break since our goal generally requires fewer tasks. In all cases we only complete tasks at 300+ points (elders trash tasks under 300). Weeks when you feel like you cannot complete your quota of tasks we allow and encourage you to opt-out of the derby.

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