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Thread: could you check my idea of COC infomation application?

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    could you check my idea of COC infomation application?

    I'd like to develop an application for my clan. Our troops donation is done by a few specific users because of the level. so I want to send a notification to them.

    However, I know that there isn't chat API in COC API... I'm looking for other way to get chat info.

    My Idea is...

    1. Capture a screenshot of my clan chat(in game)
    2. convert to text data by using Text Recognition API(such as google cloud api) on my server.
    (or recognize the pattern of donation request)
    3. send it to client web app.

    And My Question is...
    1. is it illegal under the COC Policy?
    2. do you think it is work well? (I have programming experience)
    3. is there easy way?

    Thanks to read it. I really want to help my clan members.

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    I don't think the process itself is a problem since we are allowed to take screenshots of the game and then what you do with it falls in the legislation of the region you are, not the game policy. But how do you plan to grab these screenshots? Because having a bot connected all the time to grab the screenshots would indeed be considering as an unauthorized third-party software.

    Imho, easiest way would be not to care about what happens in game. Do you app separetely with a simple "troops requests" function. But I doubt all your members will install an unverified app. And I'm not sure they will be very happy to get a notification every single time someone asks for troops.
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    Thank you for pointing it out sharply. I didn't realize that It must be unhappy with it.

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