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    >Different animals/birds around the village.
    >Deer drinking water near the waterfall.
    >Nests of birds on some of the trees.
    >Different types of trees.
    >Small houses among the trees with smoke coming out from the chimneys.
    >The side of the village where the boat docks,looks like a sea shore with crabs and starfish.
    >Fruits on some types of trees(apples,mangoes... and some unusual ones too :-))
    >A big tree with animals resting under its shade.
    >A grove of trees with an ancient-looking statue in its centre

    *It would be great if jungle-themed skins are released for the heroes when this background is released*

    Thank you :-)
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    Fire and ice dragon theme.

    To the west would be an active volcano.The surrounding ground would be ice/snow with some bubbling lava pools.

    To the north and east would be towering cliffs embedded with dragon nests.Lava streams would flow down in places.The waterfall would be lava also.

    To the south the sea would be full of ice bergs.

    For some animation to bring the whole scene to life several dragons would circle the perimeter of the whole scene.

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    The Goblin Town :
    Just another miniature town around the village.

    -Some Goblin huts near loot cart, collect the cart before they steal them.
    -Gold coins(very few) flowing through the waterfall. A goblin net in the reserviour to collect the gold.
    -A ditch in the ground where goblins hide their resources.
    -Small huts along the right side, where goblins trade resources and everything.
    -Debris stolen from Constructs, some battle machine like figure.(looks like goblins made a failed attempt to construct a hero of their own)
    -Goblins drinking elixir and having fun near the boat.
    -Goblins turned to Sneaky Goblins by drinking DE near the bottom of the map.
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    Halloween Theme
    - Black Thorn Vines forest
    - Sea is red and waterfall is red
    - There will be a few house under MV and all are with Jack o' lantern and witch signs
    - Mansion at the top of waterfall
    - bat are sometime coming from mansion
    - Dark Theme

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaptain Kat View Post
    Ooo there simply must be a winter wonderland scenery

    - I’d envision a Santa Village in one area with all of the past Christmas trees and packages and reindeer, North Pole and Santa’s workshop could be working on the jolly king.

    -. There must be a snowy Forrest area with a lake and a snowy town with pretty lights adjacent.

    - of course the waterfall is a frozen are which leads to a lake with skaters at the bottom.

    - last but certainly not least Aurora Borealis must be incorporated

    That’d be so pretty and goes so well with my favorite the skin of the ice queen.

    Is this compensation for when we couldn't see the Aurora Borealis in Lapland?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darian[Supercell] View Post
    Is this compensation for when we couldn't see the Aurora Borealis in Lapland?

    I certainly hope so - I'm still being teased by my family about not seeing the Aurora Borealis on that wonderful trip...

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    Loving the new scenery and duly purchased.

    I think there should be scenery within the pack for war bases as well as builder base too. Not just home village.

    I think an island theme for the main village surrounded by water and tributaries would be good and reflected in the builder base too.

    The war base would be very good as a desert base to complement the current volcanic theme.


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    I love the new scenerey and the details. Its like watching a story! I spend so much time to find waldo-goblin, but i couldn`t find him/her yet :P

    Altough i like mountains, glaciers and different vegetation zones, i have to alter my idea to an underworld theme.

    "You fear to go into those mines!. The dwarves, erh... Goblins? I definitely meant Goblins! Delved too greedily and too deep. You know what they awoke in the darkness [...] shadow and flame!" (Credit to some ol` wizzard) (Ok, Miners helped a bit too).

    Deep below the mountain, abandoned wells and tunnels lie waiting. Secrets as ancient as time itself! Old lakes of water, streams of fire, eyes of gloom and doom. A hoarding beast is sitting on treasure, whatching the timeless life of underground civilisation. Secret passages lead to mouth opening caves, filled with wonderous plants.
    Only small reys enlighten the long lost cities of past ages.

    Someone is brave enough to live down here.

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    A SuperCell theme!

    -Artists and programmers hard at work coming up with new things.
    -An electronic shipyard, sending out updates and exciting new events.
    -A community manager section, with community managers creating new media to present current and upcoming changes. Every once in a while the community manager will steal someone from the artist and programming area and have them help make a video.
    -The waterfall is replaced by a catfall, a constant stream of cats, flowing through the community manager section. Occasionally one cat will hop out of the stream and run amok in the community manager section.
    -A cafeteria with plenty of tasty morsels for all of the SuperCell workers.

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    Spooky Halloween Theme

    - Waterfall turns a blood red color
    - Bats fly out of the Town Hall when you click on it
    - After your base defends, the troops that died have ghosts floating around the base until cleared
    - A lantern hangs outside of the CC, when it's lit up, you know there's troops inside it
    - The forest surrounding the base turns a dark grey color with a low lying fog floating near the ground
    - Cosmetic skins for troops (ie. skeleton costume for Barb, vampire costume for archers, ninja costume for goblins etc)
    - Thunderstorm style weather with rain (similar to snow in the winter theme)
    - Wolves other small animals running around the base hunting for food

    Will you purchase the Spooky Halloween theme? Purchase it..... if you dare.....

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