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    Forum Friday Fun - Yes you probably saw it coming - Suggest a new Scenery

    Hey Forumites,

    Now that the update is out, let's bring back the Forum contests. They probably won't be weekly, but we'll keep them up as frequently as possible.

    So now that the update is out, and you've all seen the new Change Scenery feature, this week's contest will be about the Scenery.

    Suggest a scenery theme for your entry. However, as with all of these contests, there is a stipulation: Don't be generic. In other words, simply suggesting "A SNOW THEME!!!OMG" is not an entry. That's a statement. Be creative! You don't need to be the next great novel writer and wax for hundreds of pages of how you want it to look. You can still be succinct and creative. If it's a snow theme, write down what some of the elements are. For example, in the current scenery, since it's themed around Clashy Constructs, there's a Clockwork Queen being constructed in the lower right hand corner. There's also a random banana in the scenery as well.

    The standard rules apply:

    1. ONE submission per person.
    2. This thread is for posting your entry. The discussion can happen in the voting thread.
    3. Submissions will close at end of day on Monday (Helsinki time). Any submissions posted after 6pm Helsinki time on Monday will not be considered an entry. Though we may still put it in an honorable mention category if we like it.
    4. After the submissions close, we'll pick our 10 favorites.
    5. The top 10 will be placed into a poll for the community to vote on and the winning vote will get 500 Gems.

    And just for reference here is the current Scenery in all its glory.

    AKA Tank Puppy

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    Space, obviously
    Autumn themed park
    -trees with red leaves
    - metallic fencing around the base
    - small fountain near the waterfall (or instead of)
    - some cats and dogs as well
    - wooden benches here and there

    (Could also put a random unicorn : ) )
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    Ooo there simply must be a winter wonderland scenery

    - I’d envision a Santa Village in one area with all of the past Christmas trees and packages and reindeer, North Pole and Santa’s workshop could be working on the jolly king.

    -. There must be a snowy Forrest area with a lake and a snowy town with pretty lights adjacent.

    - of course the waterfall is a frozen are which leads to a lake with skaters at the bottom.

    - last but certainly not least Aurora Borealis must be incorporated

    That’d be so pretty and goes so well with my favorite the skin of the ice queen.

    Thank you! ClashOfHolmes for an awesome sig!

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    space theme
    Blue sky with dotted stars , different sparking lights
    Crashed space shuttle at 3'o clock
    Ground complete white deserted with rocks and small mountain

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    Forest of main village
    Volcanic theme
    Entire background in fire red ,tall mountains with active volcanic eruption,smoke coming out of those mountains, lava mixing with ocean creating a black crust and water vapours fuming into air and a lava fall in the place of current waterfall.dragons and lava hounds flying near these mountains enjoying their element fire.

    This will match when a new fire 🔥 themed skins would be introduced.
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    Zombie theme...

    - all the dead troops who attack the village end up in abandoned buildings around the village
    - Their heads, hands and other parts are hanging out from the buildings trying to come back and attack the village
    - Some decorations of pumpkins, skeletons/bones etc around the village
    - A shot where all types of ammo is stored for the villagers to use if/when the zombies escape these buildings

    Sorry I am not that into Zombies, so pls feel free to chime in if you think we can add more stuff of this theme

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    The fortress

    A scenery where the base is surrounded by a wall structure.
    4 towers in the from the corners facing towards the sea. 2 towers to make it so it looks like the entire seaside is covered from attack. Towers should be looking mean, with cannons facing the sea to annihilate intruders and monsters alike.
    Gargoyles from which a stream of lava is pouring continuously.

    A bridge going towards the waterfall. On the bridge there are statues facing the forest.
    They hold spears and do not look appealing or welcoming.
    A lookout there as well, also facing the waterfall, we wanna think they'll raise the alarm should intruders enter there.

    A flag near the alley from which the troops leave to support the clan mates. And a Guard post to quickly respond to intruders trying to sneak in there.

    Basically looking like a fortress no one would dare enter.
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    Tropical Paradise - Sandy beaches; palm/coconut trees With a few coconuts spread about the beach; water color changed to the off-blue/green in tropical island photos.... Place a shipwreck on one of the beaches, add the occasional animation of a shark swimming by and dolphins jumping out of the water. Of course, keep the waterfall but add tropical trees, plants, and flowers. Double bonus - dress villagers in grass skirts, lei, and add a scene with a bonfire and feast (lū’au).
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    Primal scenery
    - top left behind the trader: a stonehenge-like structure, including stone circles, mounds, and moat features, the forest path going thru the main stone circle,
    - top right: cliffs with troglodyte dwellings, supporting the waterfall, place a few of the heroes skin weapons (bone club, bone crossbow, bone staff) next to the doors,
    - bottom right: a zoo-like area (featuring live animals, like bear, sabertooth, linking to the heroes skin), a quarry featuring piles of carved bowls (the ones thrown by bowlers ),
    - beach: change to an actual sandy beach, a giant animals’ skeleton beached ( a large animal skeleton, like a dragon maybe, featuring that Halloween skull and GW skin’s ‘Hat’)), a few wood-carved boats, stone piles showcasing the paw-print stone from the GW, and a stone pier harboring ‘the’ boat.

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    Theme Park:

    1. the waterfall is a log flume
    2. a train to transport guests to the various rides around the base
    3. Rollercoaster on the bottom right
    4. a swinging pirate ship on a pier by the boat
    5. Food stalls and a Dunk the Darian* stall by the trader
    6. merry go round and Ferris wheel by the clan games

    All will be animated with troops enjoying a day off and run by builders and village maids
    *a party wizard dressed up in a Darian outfit
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