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    If we can create the 7 wonders of the world scenery would be fascinating

    My wish ... Great Wall Of China Theme

    we will have the Great Wall of china surrounding the base

    a massive tomb on the right side with the Terracotta Army beside the tomb

    warring armies with troops on the left side

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    And the scenery could also have a background sound directly related to it, like the Great Wall of China could have those sounds we use to listen to while Bruce Lee prepares to attack his enemies...
    I think the buddies who already have those itens related to the Chinese New Year... they would go crazy!
    Can we suggest sound effects in the new scenery?

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    All the trees on one side are dead, sometimes a few trees that will be reddish-yellow. This is the place, The Dead Zone. Some deadly animals are eating meat The other will get a soothing environment. Dense green garden, birds are flying. This is the place, The Paradise. Where there is a beautiful mind-charming palace. On the other hand these two different places will be divided by a pass. The sea on the other side is just as it is now. In the midst of all this, my small town (my base).

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    Dark Elixir cave

    An underground cave with dark elixir pools, dark elixir fountains, dark elixir pouring in from the walls.

    This is where the BK drank so much Dark Elixir and grew to his monstrous size.

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    Now comes the time where we read through your submissions. I'll post the top 10 poll soon. Thanks everyone for your entries.
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