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Thread: I'm back

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    I'm back

    I'm back after a long break. Looking for a NH, that isn't going for first place everytime. I'm a level 86, self sufficient farmer. I don't like drama, Or being forced into 320+.
    I do not like farmers who are always wanting EVERYTHING. I do like to share all my extra Building supplies, and all land tools needed to expand. I do not ask, unless I really need.
    I'm also shy at first, but I will warm up to the NH and be very chatty.
    My farm name is DUDE. I change my farm name occasionally.
    Any questions please ask. I'm willing to answer almost any questions.

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    Amarillo by Mornin’
    Come join us #990jqv9p

    We are a balanced , friendly, semi-competitive neighborhood. We compete to win for a couple of weeks. Afterwards we play in derby to earn just enough points to get the derby awards (minus those awarded to the top 3 neighborhoods). Called “horseshoe weeks” this more laid-back approach allows us a bit of a break since our goal generally requires fewer tasks. In all cases we only complete tasks at 300+ points (elders trash tasks under 300). Weeks when you feel like you cannot complete your quota of tasks we allow and encourage you to opt-out of the derby.

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    Pièce de Résistance is a newly formed international community. While help focus, we also do very decent at derby. We really chill. We understand life happens and sometimes you need to opt out. We provide help as we can, and we expect the same from you and every single members.

    While derby players can take their time as long as they finish all tasks within 6 days, they are required to sign up, as I will force opt-out whoever without registration to avoid accidental opt-in.

    We also do a reward system (as I, leader, will be providing the reward) to encourage mutual helps. You may have a look at this reward link: As for now, the maximum reward you can get every week is 300k coins. We do have a welcome gift of 100k coins for every recruit, after joining us for 24 hours.

    We encourage trading expansion materials and rare foods, as they are difficult to acquire and it's not wise to ask for them out of greediness. Of course, if you can note down the ones gave you, and help them in return as soon as you can, that would be fine too.

    We require a minimum level of 40, but exceptions can be made if you believe you can manage all derby tasks and be helpful.

    Many of us are from Vietnam, but we do speak English too.

    We hope all members can chill, relax and have a good time together. Any drama or any attempt to ignite a drama will be terminated, and anyone involved shall be removed.

    We only accept 1 farm per player. Please do not join with your secondary farms.

    How to join us:
    1. Leave your current neighbourhood.
    2. Head to Search > Advanced Options.
    3. In chat language, select Any.
    4. Enter our hood's tag: #YC9JJVQU
    kik: thp1990
    Level: 88

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