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Thread: Help with Clan War Attack (Queenwalk, Mass Hogs)

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    Question Help with Clan War Attack (Queenwalk, Mass Hogs)

    I used both of my war attacks today in war with a queenwalk hog strategy (no barb king). I am th9 with max hogs, just my queen is not. Everytime I attacked there was a valkyrie in the enemy clan castle that was basically maxed out and some other stuff. I couldnt get rid of it. First I try to use my lvl 15 queen with 4 healers and rage spell. The valk comes out and one shots her and then my hogs. Next attack I pull clan castle with hogs and she one shots them and the queen too (note: this is while I have two poison spells on her). I basically totally lose. I she would go away I would have a 3 star. Wondering if anyone has any tips for me to improve or what I should change.

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    Just level up your queen, she will take it out no problemo at higher levels under a poison. Also, take 5 healers and not 4. 5 is ideal, though some do use 4. Take a max poison in cc. It's the low level of the queen that causes her to go down faster than the valk. Also, I think an early ability should kill the valk.... maybe.

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    You can go with 4 Healers, just make sure to plant 1-2 balloons before healer in case of black mine. People go with 5 Healers because if they lose one they still get max heal from 4 healers. No matter how manny Healers you have they are limited at 4. Having more will do the same amount of heal as 4. But people go with 5 in case they lose some on the road.

    To deal with the enemy CC you need poison and rage on Healers also, considering your Queen is verry low level. Once you level her up at least 10 more levels you will find it MUCH easier.

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    Level up your queen like everyone else said. Also, instead of dropping 2 level 2-4 poisons on her, take a max (lvl 7) one in your cc and drop that.

    If you're finding that your queen is getting one-shot, use ability.

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