A long time ago i sent CoC guys a message about shovels to move the anniversary items for those of that collect them.
I’d have to look it up but the guy that replied said it was great idea and that they didn’t expect people to save them.
Great. After a long wait, shovels appeared and i was so happy to be able to create my base. But ♥♥♥, they are so rare to get. For those of us that have been playing since the start, we have a butt ton of obstacles to move.
Y’all have become Uber wealthy from this game and the others. Let’s stop being so greedy. Your prices on everything are too high. Granted i rarely buy much but maybe charge $5 for the initial game and make the in-game sales cheaper. Make stuff that makes you bond with the game, like designing your obstacles and gardens inexpensive and free. The stuff that people buy to upgrade are buying their steps up so let those be more expensive than the personalization ones.
This keeps people’s interest in the game more so they fall off will be less.
In my kingdom of idk 50? There’s maybe 5 people who occasionally play. Maybe one other guy that checks in daily.
the wars suck now bc there’s so few players.