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    Question Headhunter awesome or terrible

    maxed here but easily (die) dead... your experience....
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    Seem to be a niche troop to deploy in small doses when other troops have first engaged enemy heroes.
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    I like what she adds on offense. There are many ways how to utilize her. You can safe a rage in a qw/ww by poisoning defending heroes. Or use them behind hogs to safely take out heroes that are left up. Just to name a few.

    I don't like her on defense though. She is hard to spot, easily mistaken for an archer and often force extra spells, besides the poison to safe your Heroes. Especially against Sui Lalo Headhunters are a absolute nightmare if you don't lure the cc (Which is something you want to avoid in a Sui based attack)
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    Headhunter seems to be a good troop to bait out, to pull out CC in lower TH levels, as she'll dodge past everything to blast Heroes
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    Haven't unlocked em yet, so no idea on offence.

    On defence, faced em once so far in farm attacks. Attacked a 12, hordes of em came out, come under my poison, force me to drop a freeze and trigger my level 72 aq to use auto-ability.

    To me that looks kinda powerful. Need to face more to come to a conclusion.

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    think they need giant or something with high HP to tank them while they hunt for hereos/cc troops

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    I liked is very helpful in taking out heroes which are outside
    Also head hunter is not a spam unit,it requires can be used limited just like baby dragon
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    Not that good as it was advertised

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    Quote Originally Posted by IamMayur View Post
    Not that good as it was advertised
    How good was it advertised as then?

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    Depends on how you use it

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