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Thread: Champion League WINNER WINNER TAG#Y9Y82PJP Looking few new players

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    Champion League WINNER WINNER TAG#Y9Y82PJP Looking few new players

    We are a fun, talkative, competitive derby playing hood. We are in the Championship league. We are seeking active derby players that like to win and have fun doing it.
    You must be at least 18 years of age, speak English and be at least level 50.
    It’s helpful if all your fishing spots are open and your town is being worked on to upgrade to maximum spaces and least time on buildings. These things help win derbies.
    We use prepping and stacking to minimize diamond usage during the derby, while still being able to finish a task within minutes. We are willing to teach if you are willing to learn.
    We take only 320/400 point tasks and everyone can trash.
    We have a Discord chat group you must join because we have found we win through communication. Everyone uses diamonds for the 10th task to finish in the top 3. We are also usually done with the derby the first or second day.
    You can expect help from the hood in trading expansion tools, helping with upgrades and general fun play.
    We expect that if you opt in to a derby to be prepared, interact, communicate and help other members.
    We know life happens and we simply ask when you are going to be busy to opt out of the derby.
    If this sounds like the fun, fast paced, competitive Neighborhood for you and you are ready to join a derby winning neighborhood, we welcome you.
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    Did you know that by stacking your machines you can finish a prepped basket task in literally seconds? That’s one of the ways we win derbies without using diamonds.

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    Tag #Y9Y82PJP. For a fun, fast paced winning champion league neighborhood

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    Bumping this

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    We are looking to move up on the leaderboard. To do that we need more players. If this is a goal for you and you want to be part of that movement, please consider joining us in the fun!

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