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Thread: CWL Defensive War Clan Castles.

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    CWL Defensive War Clan Castles.

    With the New Update having just landed, I’ll be interested to see just how the New Super Troops & Head Hunter are to be used by our Opponents in the Upcoming CWL.

    I currently use 3 Witches, a Valk & Archers but that’s now under Development.

    What will You be using?
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    I'm thinking of packing as many inferno dragons as I can into every defensive CC, then padding with giants as necessary to do a bit of tanking. Inferno dragons seem kind of tanky on their own.

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    Inf dragon, witch and some Headhunters might be interesting. Need to test the new stuff out
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    I've been using 2 ig and one baby, but I'm thinking one inferno baby and 5 HH. Or maybe 2 ig and an inferno. (My CC will be maxed by then).

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