Hi Everyone. Derby Teamworks is a new neighbourhood with preliminary ambitions to be in the top 500 on the world Leaderboard, and ultimately move up to the top 200. Some of the more recent Derbies are more strategic and tactical and we believe the way to succeed is with teamwork, planning, and leadership - and not by using a whole load of diamonds. We know that many hoods are becoming less competitive than they once were and if you are looking for a new challenge perhaps we can help you achieve that. I believe we are currently the only hood called Derby Teamworks and our logo is a ginger cat on a blue heart. We also have a Derby Teamworks Facebook page with an active chatroom. If you would prefer to get to know us before joining search for Derby Teamworks on Facebook and send a friend request. We are all mature adults who value politeness and courtesy as well as hard work. If you believe you have the right qualities you are welcome to join us.