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Thread: How much time to play Clash Of Clans

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    How much time to play Clash Of Clans

    Plz tell me how much time is good to play Clash Of Clans in one day

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    Space, obviously
    Depends on whether or not you're working. Or studying.
    Since I have nothing else to do(*cough* except studying *cough*) I play around 3 hours, give or take.
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    5 minutes. No, seriously -- 2 attacks and that's a wrap up.

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    I have no fixed time, If I get addicted I play for 2-3 hours thrice or more a day.But normaly I do only 4-6 attacks a day and play for less than 1 hour.
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    The real question here is this....

    how much sleep do you need?

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    Depends on how many acc you have and what th lvl they are at.
    I play like 2-4 hrs a day.
    Have to plan and make 6 hits from 13 2 from 12 and 2 from 11 in war and make enough hits to keep the 13s in legends and builder busy i dont farm on minis though
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    During the lockdown ive been playing 5 - 10 hours a day

    Credits to Alex for this great Sig

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    It was 2 attacks a day....but they decided to release an now its back to legends and 8 attacks till I'm burnt out again or max. Then back to 2 attacks a day (fyi...this is per account...currently 3)

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    Sometimes to much.

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    Honestly, nothing. It's a waste of time. But in reality, I play an average of three hours a day. More when I need 250k DE because my queen finishes when I'll wake up next morning, less when I have all builders busy for a while and I'm slightly burned out from getting 250k DE in one day.
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