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Thread: “Surrender Battle” Button

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    “Surrender Battle” Button

    This button would be displayed after you have attacked in the builder base and you are waiting for the other person to finish attacking.

    This button would be made available after your opponent has surpassed the amount of stars/ stars and percentage that you have.

    The function of this button would be that when your opponent has reached a higher score than you did in their attack, you could surrender and take a loss. You could then move on and attack another base.

    The person attacking would be notified that their opponent surrendered over top of the “Surrender” button when attacking. The “Surrender” button would then change to an “End Attack” button which could be used to end your attack early so you can get some sweet loot and attack another person faster.

    Your opponent would not be forced out of their attack, but would get the decision to keep attacking or not.

    The reason for this button is so that when you know that your opponent has already won, you don’t have to wait.

    When looking at previous attacks, the attack could either show a “Surrendered” tag on it and therefore your opponents attack is not replayable, or your opponents attack would be entered there after they are done attacking.

    A problem that could occur with this button is that I don’t know the effects of multiple people attacking your base at once or the realism of it. If there was an issue regarding the amount of people who could be attacking your base at once then they could make it so that you can only have two people attacking your base at once, so you would have to wait for one of the previous defences to end before you start another attack.

    I’m unsure if this idea has been said before, I checked the sticky and saw no mention of it, but I hope it, or something like it, is added to the game.

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