Guessing they exist. How about neighborhoods for "feeder" farms. A term I coined, I am sure ya'll have other, cuter names. Not your 2nd serious farm that also HAS to win derby.

Feeders - relieve main farms, easy to level up with your main farm transferring coins, expansion @80 daily. I have one do lobster, other nets, main does ducks. Both do syrup, each a particular jam, juice, low level cakes, pies, etc. Make bread for ridiculous boat task. Main can reap fortune wheel, movie tix prizes, and casual derby horseshoes rewards.

They are low energy and time. Trust me.

Mine are in a champions league, we start on Thu or Fri. Casually, this week, we shot for 2 or 3 bingo 2. 3rd place. ~15 derby prizes/week each for xfer. Figured we can help each others feeders, to help our mains. And/or get to know and befriend amongst main farms.

Am willing to join a "feeder" neighborhood out there. Or one can join Rust Never Sleeps [ships wheel]. In there, I have a LVL 61 "the Burro" and a LVL 36 "the Alpaca" to support my 155 in other hood. I am lowering to LVL 1 for those who want to 🔥 one up.

/bzooty #299YVVJ9