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    Level76 Looking for a hood like me.

    Level 76 town 19 looking for a hood that is

    *A mostly independent hood, may ask for some fills but not expect you to fill whole boat.
    * Mid size hood
    *Hood that is not needy or just takers.
    *No Drama
    *Experienced derby players
    *Uses bird house only for achievements wheat, corn etc...
    * 320+
    * May use diamonds for 10th task if need be
    *Does not call tasks/unless a special derby where we have to strategize.
    *Releases town players for derby players
    *Non derby players only release Townies, don't pick up during derby!!
    * Leaves Townies for town tasks during derby
    *Puts ad up for boats, trucks and town
    * Says non derby boat,town or truck with ad up or says derby boat,truck, town
    *Says please and thank you
    * CHATTY active, FUN, likes the derby, Yes and I'll say it again CHATTY

    What you get:
    *Willing to use diamonds for 10th or 19th task
    *Independent farmer
    *A big helper (if hood is not all takers)
    *Releases townies regularly
    *Knows how to stack town for certain buildings and townies
    *Usually only asks for waterings or field product when level up. 3 plantings is not enough 😂😂😂
    * Knows how to stack machines
    Done in 1 day 2 if need to
    *Works well with others
    *NO DRAMA here
    *VERY CHATTY with a side of humor, active, fun, very polite
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    hey i think your description is exactly my hood!

    chatty, and super helpful group of people, we trade a lot and everyone helps each other.
    (if you help people people will help you general vibe)

    everyone does max tasks, but the hood is a very chilled environment, and super active. and mostly respectful towards each other.

    30 member hood so full hood! (all active)
    some stats: in general 5-12 online ALWAYS 24/7, (except on non derby day maybe). level 38-65 (average level is 48 i would say). (playing in champions league atm, 5th place cause few inactive members (see below))

    after this derby a few spots will open, cause im kicking people don't fit these criteria you just summed up.

    let me know if you are interested! or have any questions.

    (more info )

    dm me on reddit?/\ or on discord (see reddit link) or reply on here (so i know your interested and i will save your spot) and then add me on hayday #PC29PYJ98
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    Sent you a pm

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    Sent a private message that describes our hood. Sounds like you would fit right in

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    Hi. I said up a new hood this week called Derby Teamworks which appears to tick all your boxes and would be perfect for you. It has a ginger cat logo on a blue heart. Alternatively you could search for Derby Teamworks on FaceBook and join our chatroom before joining the hood to get an understanding of the way we work. You are welcome to give us a try.

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    Level 70 now, and still looking for the right hood. 😁

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    Laura, have sent you a pm, Cheers Robyn from The Active Help

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    Sent a Direct message from Winner Winner

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    Still looking 😊 please be chatty, active and DERBYHOLIC like me. I can not be in a hood where the only thing in chat for a whole day is me saying Townies out.😟

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    Hi I have a great neighborhood, very helpful, friendly, active and derby focused - champions league. 2000pt requirement per player, can opt out up to 2 weeks in a row then must participate in at least 1 derby. We are looking to grow and expand would love to have you on board. Neighborhood name is Family Farm #LQGVV2Q8

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