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    Summer Sneak Peek #4 - Introducing the Headhunter

    Just when your Heroes thought they were the masters of the battlefield, the Headhunter is here to teach them a lesson! The Headhunter is a brand new Dark Elixir Troop, available at Town Hall 12. This sinister unit is cloaked in a shroud of poisons of her own making with Heroes being her favorite target to test out her assassination skills. Heroes of the village may just tremble in fear when the Headhunter is loosed on the battlefield.

    The Headhunter throws deadly cards as a ranged attack, can hop over Walls, and does extra damage against Heroes, making her exceptionally deadly when clearing out those pesky Barbarian Kings, Archer Queens, Grand Wardens (even in Air Mode), and Royal Champions. Not only that, her toxic miasma that emanates around her allows her to deal Poison Spell damage and effects as she attacks.

    • Type: Ground Troop
    • Housing Space: 6
    • Movement Speed: 24
    • Range: 3 tiles
    • Jumps over walls
    • Targets: Ground & Air
    • Damage Type: Single Target
    • Favorite Target: Heroes
    • Deals 4x damage against Heroes
    • Adds Poison Spell effect when dealing damage to Heroes or Troops

    Level Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time DPS HP Training Cost Training Time Poison Effect*
    1 NA NA 108 360 100 DE 1 Min 40%/55%
    2 180K DE 14 Days 120 400 120 DE 1 Min 42%/60%
    3 240K DE 16 Days 132 440 140 DE 1 Min 44%/65%
    *Movement Speed Decreased/Attack Speed Decreased

    AKA Tank Puppy

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    Woop woop!!!!! It's here!!!
    vote for the autumn themed scenery!

    Thank you DragonX for the EPIC sig. 🙏

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    Looks awesome

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    Nice! Looks cool

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    There we go!!!

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    Is there anyone out there?
    Very cool! Nicely done SC
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    Awesome Loved It ❤️

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    Still searching for the hog rider in BB...
    Ouch! Heroes be warned!

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    Why is there some blank space in the post? Or is that supposed to be an image?

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