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Thread: Horseshoe Math

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    Horseshoe Math

    I have never paid close attention to those horseshoe points other than noting that since a particular update it became possible for solo players to reach 9 horseshoes. Today I had time to twiddle my thumbs (while patiently deleting every 30 minutes, waiting for an elusive Bingo task) I found something puzzling about these points. Looking back at two previous derbies (one Chill, one Bingo), the points were 342 apart from Horseshoe columns 1 to 7. Then between columns 7 and 8 they were 423 points apart and between columns 8 and 9 they were 261 points apart...they average out to 342 points. I wonder why SC decided to make it so much harder to reach column 8 and then make it much easier to reach column 9. (I always go for 320-pt tasks, so I never noticed before, but I suppose it could make a difference for those who do less than 320 pts.)

    This week's Bingo derby, I have a hoodmate with me so the numbers are doubled. Points are 2x342 apart for columns 1 to 7 etc.

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    You must be in Champ League where it's easier to have 320pts task onboard compared to

    I guess the points for each column follows a pattern as derby size increases for each league. It would also match how many task needed to reach all columns.

    For a solo derby player in Champ league, without extra task, only 7 columns can be reached with 9 tasks. The extra task unlocks both column 8 & 9. I might as well stay in Pro league, only 7 taks feor 7 columns .
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