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Thread: What are the key features a TH11 bases?

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    What are the key features a TH11 bases?

    Hello, I recently upgraded to town hall 11 so need a pair of new bases. Unfortunately, my base building skills are rather lack luster. As I want to improve them by practice and not just copy and paste another base design, can someone tell me some of the key features I should incorporate into:

    A) A farming base, focused on keeping my DE safe.

    and more complicatedly

    B) An anti three star wars base with a minor bent towards countering Edrag attacks and Queen walks, because that's all TH11 attackers seem to use.

    Thank you for your help

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    If you want to farm, just stick build a ring base with DE storage in the middle. If you're in gold/crystal chances, chances are your loot is pretty well protected.

    For the anti-3 base. If you want to counter edrags, space out your buildings - having 2 spaces between buildings cancels out the edrag chain.

    If you want to counter queenwalk, this is a bit tougher. I recommend sticking all four xbows and maybe even an inferno near the townhall so the attacker will be forced to use rages and freezes if he walks there. Then, build another compartment with the eagle or other important things and wall it off. Then, put another layer of defenses like archer towers or cannons (wiz tower works too) outisde, and wall that off as well. On the outside, put some trash buildings with two spaces between, and then put teslas between leading them away from the important defense you stuck in the first compartment.

    That's just really basic building. You use the teslas to lure the queen away, or force the attack to use more funnel troops.

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