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Thread: Level 17 Looking For Neighborhood

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    Level 17 Looking For Neighborhood

    I am looking for an active, helpful, derby focused, and fairly chatty team. I am on a low level, but I am open to just waiting the derby out. Overall, I just want to learn the ropes with a group that doesnít have to many strict rules.

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    Welcome to my neighborhood is quite new I need active player willing sometimes to chat or derby I am 38 lvl I am happy to show the ropes my farm code is #9PVLYGYGC

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    #29LGQCCL safety side (I didnít name it)
    Only just found out that everyone left me alone in my neighbourhood and Iíve become leader 😅😅 I want to be more active and have more fun on the game so more than welcome to join and help me build a great neighbourhood ❤️✌️.

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    I'm looking for a neighborhood and I am on a low level.

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