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    Are Tornado Traps really worth paying 3M Gold?

    Hey everyone!
    Hope you're all staying safe this June...

    I just happened to ponder about the Tornado Trap, a Trap that does a great job clumping troops together to give them a big blow, and that can sometimes be a huge deal...

    But 3M Gold for just 1 trap that only clumps them up?? That's equivalent to upgrading Cannons/ Archer Towers to Level 12, so that sort of implies than a Tornado Trap does as good a job as a Level 12 Cannon/Archer Tower?

    Though it may be just a straightforward fact that Tornado Traps work perfect with Splash Damage Defenses, and especially the Eagle Artillery in this case... Maybe 1M Gold does seem good enough, but I don't know 3M seemed a bit unreasonable for this one, not that it's too expensive, cause getting 3M is a job that can be done within 3-4 attacks, but just felt we were being asked a bit too much than what seemed to be needed...

    Truth is, I don't really mind, but think about it, even a Giant Bomb deals insane ground damage to weaker troops like Hogs or Giants or Miners, but even if I buy 6 Giant Bombs, it only costs about 75,000 Gold...

    Or even so, re-arming traps never made a difference whether we paid a cheap amount of 10k Gold or not, but as QoL it got removed, and I felt the same could be done by reducing the initial costs for purchasing a Tornado Trap, and maybe the upgrades could then get expensive over time...

    What is your opinion, is Tornado Trap though supremely-good worth paying 3M Gold or not?


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    It most definitely is worth the price. Imo, the tornado trap is the most annoying trap to encounter, as it can totally mess up your attack (for example: if you try ti yeti bomb a part of the base, and you donít get the value because of that trap).

    In combination with eagle shots and scatters, it also is very deadly, since it groups up everything, making them all prone to the splash damage.

    Tldr: yes, worth every penny. Much more value than just adding 1 level to a cannon.

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    Yes. Yes 1,000 times yes!

    I can't even count the amount of times a tornado trapped has stopped an e drag spam attacking getting the TH. At higher levels with a yeti/goblin blimp (Less popular now) tornado traps could be the difference between a 1 star or a 3.

    Even ground troops the trap if placed well can rotate troops on a different path or even single handedly ruin a queen walk.

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    It's not just clumping the troops, it's about the time they have to stop in the trap that's devastating for an attack if unexpected.

    It is the most important trap to upgrade nowadays, with giant bombs and skeleton traps.

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    The tornado trap is by far the most annoying one to find when you are attacking (assuming it is well placed).

    It is well worth the gold, and IMO should be the first trap you upgrade fully.

    It does need to be placed in such a way that it protects the TH from the most common approach, and it's area of effect should be covered by a couple of big splash damage weapons for best effect.

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    Tornado is best among all all traps

    And all the hidden things are more valuable then the defence which can be seen

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    Short answer, yes....

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    No definitely not! I encourage all of you foolish enough to have already purchased this useless trap to place the trap as far from the path my troops may take as possible!
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    Worst trap ever if you're on the attacking side. So imo, definitely worth it

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    YES. Still very powerful to make/break a defense/attack even after they nerfed it.

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