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Thread: Helping neighbours by gifting boosters. Who is online!?

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    Helping neighbours by gifting boosters. Who is online!?

    Kindly make some arrangements that neighbours can help each other by gifting boosters in need .Also make possible to see who is online while playing the game for fellow members.

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    Donít care for 2nd idea. Sometimes I have no time to talk. Presumptuous players will take offense if I donít.

    1st idea...not sure what exactly you mean. Do you mean giving boosting spells to other players?
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    Yes , helping or gifting fellow members with booster when in need

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    Hiya op you might want to take a look at the stickies before posting ideas as they have been ruled out well the 2nd one has for sure the first is slightly open to interpretion but its a safe bet giving boosters would fall under the same heading has giving gifts,gems and vouchers
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    yes my english writing skills are rubbish and lacks punctuation i am very well aware of this so please keep all comments and pm clash related all i want to do is chat not be reminded how poor my education is thanks

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