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Thread: Where has the clan XP counter been moved to?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrMotator View Post
    Thanks found it! Use to be able to see it by clicking the clan banner next to clan games lot on map. Tells you how much I've looked for it!

    Moderators close this or move it!

    It doesn't work there for me. Maybe because I don't do Supercell ID.
    SCID is not a determining factor on the clan flag. You just need to be in a clan to see it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zok000 View Post
    Next to the path your troops use to leave the village is your clan flag (between the trader and clan games). Tap on this and click on "clan perks". Clan XP will display there.
    Thanks, I never knew that. I have seen the clan flag there but never clicked on it.

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