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Thread: How many reports make a coc id banned???

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    Exclamation How many reports make a coc id banned???

    I am very enthusiastic when start clan war. So I used to go our enemy clan to make fun with them(but not used bad words to them). I normally go to our enemy clan when war preparation day/battle day.

    But, it is a sorrowful matter that yesterday a member of enemy clan thread me to leave their clan & said that he will report my id. I got afraid then if my id really become banned,,,😣😱😱

    So, Share me the information about this matter and advice me about this, Sir.

    Thanks Suppercell team

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    You would need to approach support for those answers..
    this is a players discussion site.

    But what have you done that makes you think you can be banned?..
    Have you received an infraction or warning?.

    If a clan is willing to let a war opponent into their clan, then it is on them..
    So long as its only friendly banter, I see no problem coming from it..
    And spying is considered fair game under to TOS, so no probs there either.

    i would guess the answer to your question would be
    "it depends on what you do"

    Breach of the TOS or rules could end with a warning, or either a temporary or permanent ban..
    But I would think it works similar to community forum.. It depends what you have done.

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