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Thread: Annual Village Eating Contest- a scavenger hunt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MiniDeathclaw View Post
    Is it found on your village? A menu? I cannot find it of over 10 minutes+ of searching my village.
    If it were easy....
    Most requested QoL feature is a regional filter in the recruiting tool. If it is so hard to track players by region, why does the top player ranking show both a global and (in my case) a local U.S. tab?

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    Quote Originally Posted by PapaTroll View Post
    If it were easy....
    Or is it related to your name somehow "t:"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ullaspn View Post
    Or is it related to your name somehow "t:"
    Don't think so,as he is a relatively old member and not a Fresh Spawn

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    I am a clashing genius!

    Thanks TerM!

    I *still* need a new quote, though. Waiting for just the right one.

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    Carefully checked to see if villagers are eating my anniversary cakes. But no. Alas I am not yet a clash genius

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    I've logged into game and scanned my village. Now I must look into the camera and say, "I may be an adult with adequate observational skills, but I'm not smarter than a fifth grader!"

    Kudos to my fellow forumites who are clashing geniuses.

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    Iím sorry but without knowing what ďitĒ is, Iím not going to look for anything.

    As fun as a scavenger hunt sounds, thereís no point even playing if I donít even know what Iím looking for. What Iíll do is completely convince myself that this is either a troll, or a joke and then I can forget about it until the 3 days are up.
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    Yesterday I wanted to know about 'cheap mobile phones' so I used a simple Google search to find it 😁:-P

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    I am a clashing genius

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    Thanks papa. Fun thread.

    i have failed on my first search

    all my builders are asleep, should i still be able to find the answer?

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