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Thread: Lab Upgrade order for TH10

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    Lab Upgrade order for TH10

    What Troops/Spells should I max first at TH10 that will be good for war?

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    Generally the war troops on th10 are the DE troops, loons and Miners. You can start with them.

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    There are a lot of good TH10 war strategies with different types of troops, so it's hard to say. Most of the TH9 war strategies have a TH10 version, so you might want to start with your go to TH9 war strategy and find out what the TH10 variant is. Then start upgrading those troops.

    In my case it was witch slap. There is a TH10 version of that called frozen witch, which I started using as a new TH10. From there I evolved into using BoWitch also.

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