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Thread: Valley piggy bank

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    Valley piggy bank

    The piggy bank is such a rip off. 25 diamonds to open it?! Even if you pick the diamonds from the exclusive shop when valley ends, that's only 30 diamonds and your net gain is +5 overall. The first valley you could get 40 diamonds for this reward and piggy bank used to only be 15 diamonds to open. Stop being greedy SC, the valley is barely worth playing to begin with!

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    I personally really like valley. I saved up the tokens for the scrolls and grand prizes and purchased both diamonds and the diver chicken with diamonds after opening the piggy bank so my net gain was 15 diamonds.
    Sorry to hear about your experience.

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    I don't remember the piggy bank costing 15 diamonds to open?

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    Totally disagree with you op the valley is defo worth playing this season i got 30 gems,2 deeds ,2 stakes,1 dynamite,1 saw and a shovel from the shop add to that the daily task avoid the bomb thing were i gained gold bars,lobsters and a few other things that i can't recall off the top of my head all for very little effort so all in all i got a lot of free stuff and never spent more then ten mins a day playing in valley so i wouldnt say sc is being greedy at all if anything its the oppisite they are being very generous i guess you just focused on one bit of the valley that being the gems snd based you comment on tbat one aspect and totally ignored the rest of it
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    just expressing a opinion no offence intended my english writing skills is rubbish so i aplogies in advance please everyone accept my comnents at face value yup i can be a bit thick but i try my best so please be understanding

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    My last Valley shop was awesome, had plenty of scrolls, water and dirt path pieces x3 of each (8 diamonds each) etc. Unfortunately I only recently started playing the game as the Valley season was half way through so I didn't get to take advantage of the great prizes, though I did get some and was happy with what I got.
    My prizes this season were not as good as before, but I think all together I managed to get 30 diamonds, 2 lush fern, 2 scrolls, 3 blue prints, a coin & xp booster, and a few other misc to use my remaining tokens up. For me that is a great haul also, they have to switch it around so hopefully better luck next time!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mrlk View Post
    Totally disagree with you op the valley is defo worth playing this season.
    I agree...the Valley is easy and the prizes nice, especially with the 30 diamond or deco/10 diamond option. I havenít used my piggy bank yet but will at some point.

    In fact, Iíd venture to say the rewards are more satisfying than derby.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PoppyA View Post
    In fact, I’d venture to say the rewards are more satisfying than derby.
    Same here. I quit playing derby long ago, nothing in there i really crave for. But the 30 diamonds i can always use, more production slots more shop slots etc.
    So yeah, valley is useful to me.

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    I did get some good stuff from the shop, but I should've clarified why I said the exclusive shop at the end is a waste. If you only get one of the rewards from the exclusive shop my complaints don't really make sense. However it requires the piggy bank is you want 2 of the rewards and I still believe that's a rip off. That statue/deco is ugly even if it comes with 10 diamonds, I'd rather get boosters and diamonds which results in only 5 diamonds gained.
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    Booster of 25h free Tom is worth 15 diamonds.

    If player takes booster, they are likely to use them in the future. Which means they would be ok spending at least 15 diamonds at least 8 diamonds in the best deal for Tom.

    Booster is valuable and can be considered as diamond already spent. That is just about 1 of the possible use of booster pack.
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