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Thread: Wall wrecker/inferno bug in war attack in league

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    Wall wrecker/inferno bug in war attack in league

    While attacking in the war league today, the wall wrecker went over the inferno without breaking it. I have a video of this which I sent it to, but I got a response that the recipient mail id is full. Please suggest how I can send the video

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    Doesnt look like the correct email contact.
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    Clan war attack - WALL WRECKER glitch!!

    Lvl 3 Wall Wrecker passes through Inferno without breaking, on its way to Town hall.
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    It’s important to keep in mind that, at 44 x 44, the base map is made up of almost 2000 individual squares. It looked to me like the WW passed on the grids just next to the IT. Placement is super important when it comes to Seige Machines.

    edit: After watching a few more times I think it definitely missed the IT legitimately. It clearly passes right over top. Every troop/ building has a “hit box”. Just because the troop/ building is a certain size doesn’t mean that it’s hit box is the same size. FWIW, the IT is rather small when it comes to space. While I’m sure it’s not common to see what happened to you, I’d bet it’s not a glitch either.
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