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Thread: Livestream with Darian 03/06

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    Quote Originally Posted by PapaTroll View Post
    Also let me put in a plug for Judo Sloth's YouTube channel. He summarized quite nicely, and in less than 2 1/2 hours. Much less.
    yes you can get the main points here
    in english

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    The most interesting part of the video is where he keeps himself from saying something about being able to switch between cooked armies (or maybe it was quick train armies) for friendly challenges. Gives me hope for legend league and not always using the same army.

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    You speak french very well, Darian .

    Do it again please!!!

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    Builder Base:

    In Builder Base, when the base is max, there is only the optional rush, something planned?
    Supercell is currently focused on the main village, no plans for the moment or in the near future.

    Are there plans in Builder base to do the same as for the world's top clans, to offer gems to the first three BB clans?
    It's a very good idea, Darian doesn't know if it has already been proposed to the team, but he will tell them about it.

    Any additions planned for gears-up on the main village with the BUILDER BASE worker?
    When Supercell thought of the BUILDER BASE 9, they had several gears-up projects, but finally decided to add the 6th worker. If they do an BUILDER BASE 10 in the future, they will surely add more gears-up.
    The gears-up are very delicate, because it requires a unique appearance, and the defense is usable in the main base. A potential gears-up may be the tesla, if not, not much achievable.

    Ties are still possible in a Builder base match, any idea to remove them completely?
    Darian does not know the exact statistics of ties at the moment, but it is definitely less than before. It rarely happens, but with millions of attacks, it's normal to come across it again. So not planned until the stats change.

    Is the addition of season bank for builder base resources in the gold pass planned or not?
    The idea that is currently being studied is to choose in which treasury the resources would go. They are currently studying statistical data in order to make a decision.

    Troops, Heroes, and Spells

    Will it be possible to upgrade a troop and a spell at the same time, given the very long duration of the laboratory?
    Not at the moment. This is not a problem for new players, only for top players. The durations have already been reduced, with magic items, hammers, upgrading a troop and a spell is probably not a good idea at the moment.

    The spells are old, will there be a future addition of spell? Adding time for attacks?
    Not in the near future, a spell must be unique and add interest to the game. You have to find an innovative idea.

    Adding time for TH13 only would not be fair for TH12 and below. Supercell therefore prefers for the moment to balance the troops, the defenses, to get everything within 3 minutes.

    Could we change troops for online attacks, and friendly challenges, in order to have two armies?
    There are little surprises for the next update, Darian only gives us this information.

    A special army, only for our donations, so as not to mix attacks and donations?
    Surely not, it is part of the strategy, of the gameplay, when one makes his army, and it is up to the player to plan the thing (as well as 1 gem donation is currently in place).

    Could we save CC troops requests in recent armies so as not to change each time?
    It's a good idea to have different CC troops requests, but it's complicated to technically implement at the moment.

    Clan War, FC and API:

    Could we Friendly Challenge on the bases of clan members by clicking on their username, without them having to put a challenge?
    This option is complicated to add, with respect to the competition, in relation to base leaks, and to the possibility of chain training on the bases known to players. Darian says Supercell would love to add this, but it shouldn't impact competition, and give non-fairplay benefits. Darian adds that it is simple for a clan to reproduce the same base, with different traps, to prepare for any eventuality about the traps.
    Justine suggested a different tab, for challenges, which would be available for a few hours, instead of 20 minutes and without being lost in conversations. Darian appreciates the idea and thinks it's a good compromise.

    Players can submit their skins idea in Brawl Star, is it possible on Clash Of Clans?
    This system was developed for Brawl Star, for COC it would have to be started from scratch but Supercell appreciates the idea very much and it is something that is in their plans.

    Will the Clan war map receive a new design?
    Darian explains that he wants the Classic Wars and the CWL to be very different, and unique, but that they are currently being studied for map customizations.

    Are there plans for the game API, more complete, to give more freedom to the dev for their stats sites and bots discord? Is there a dedicated team for the game API?
    No, there is no API team, it is the server and client developers. Supercell has priorities for updates, and unfortunately the API is low in the list, because it is short and less important.

    But Darian has a list of additions for the API, and they're going to schedule a meeting after the summer update, to complement and update the API.

    Any plans on making base links permanent?
    The base links are deleted if nobody uses them for 28 days (a simple click on the link is enough to leave it online). They cannot be permanent simply because it takes up space on the servers, there are millions of links, and many are no longer used.

    QOL / Social, clans, alliances

    More customization for the Supercell ID? Change the order, the name.
    The team in charge of Supercell ID has no connection with Clash of Clans. There is a full team for SC ID, for all games, COC, BrawlStars, CR combined. No SC ID for COC, for CR, etc.

    They have a huge full list of future additions. And right now, with work at home, it is currently difficult for Darian to retrieve information. However, updates to the SC ID are scheduled and regular.

    A button to remove an entire army from the waiting list, rather than one by one?
    Darian says it would be very nice. For QoLs, they have a huge list of additions for the game, and QoLs are added, and thought of at the very end of the update. The idea can be added to the list, it may even be already on it.

    Any plans on making the army training potion also boost Clan Castle requests timer?
    Darian remembers that the team talked about it but doesn't remember the answer at all, so he doesn't want to be silly and will ask for the info for later.

    With this same training potion, the regen. time of the heroes is still very long as compared to troops, will it be reduced?
    The problem is that each troop has a different preparation time, so the heroes could never match the time of each army, depending on the level of the barracks.

    If we are disconnected from the game, in attack, could we resume the attack?
    No. This is impossible, because the game's attack system means that, when there is no more interaction on the attack, it ends. So it is impossible to take it back.
    It is a very complex question. It is also for this, that the replay are not videos, but only scripts which reproduce the exact placement of the troops during the attack. This is why they are deleted during maintenance for modification of troops. It is therefore impossible to go back.

    Why donations to war CC do not count?
    Simply because it is a different system from that of donation in the clan. That there will also have to rewrite the code and put constraints. Members can simply delete the troops and donate more, without waiting time, this would too easily distort the count of donations for a player.

    In a clan, we can see the number of members online, could we see who is online?
    No, it is a matter of privacy, we can already see our friends online, and Supercell does not intend to add clan members online, who are not necessarily our friends.

    What about clan alliances? View clans that are members of an alliance using an interface?
    It is a request that comes up often, and that is expected. But Supercell does not want to make the same mistakes as with globall chat. It is complicated to set up, and takes a lot of time.
    They want these alliance options to have a real benefit for the clans, and not just one, but many others. With even more social, and a very complete addition.
    For clan wars with members of an alliance, here again, it is very complicated, since it is currently impossible to take members of several clans for a clan war. Each clan has a unique global ID, for clan war, that's why it is impossible to make two clan war in two clans at the same time. But Darian likes the idea a lot.

    A better clan description planned?
    Same answer, it's on the famous list, the very long list. Darian tells us that we would be surprised at the size of the list with the number of additions.

    Filters for clan messages (sent to elders, assistants only) planned?
    No. This would be tantamount to copying the global chat, and risks creating drama, and the same concerns as before. There could still be harassment of young players, insults.

    Could we add notes and reserve a target directly in the database, and not while on the war map?
    Darian replies that it is only a click to return to the map, so ... Stop being lazy, he says.

    A possibility to hide the eye, the number of spectators during our attacks?
    No, it is not planned. They want us to know if we are being watched or not.

    Possibility of having a single attack format for friendly wars? More options ?
    It's on the list. Supercell wants to give more options to tournament organizers.

    A clan ranking with more options, total victories etc. ?
    Not planned at the moment.

    eSport and Tournaments

    Possibility of having only TH 13 in CWL Champion league?
    Darian does not see the point, if a clan withTH 12 and 13 is a champion, he has the merit of being there. CWLs are performance based.

    To be able to do classic war and friendly wars at the same time?
    Same answer as before, each clan has a unique ID, and it is impossible to have two wars at the same time. Even for the player, who has this ID kept during a war. There has been a lot of discussion about this system, but it is very complex to manage.

    Add the same system as the CWL in Champs, to now allow to see map if you are not elder or above to prevent spies?
    No, it is not planned. In C1, with the world at stake, there is money, and Supercell wants to avoid cheating as much as possible.
    For the other leagues, Darian says it was up to the clans to filter the entries and the players.

    Super TroopsAny info on the pace of addition of the super troops?
    There will be super troops when we are ready. There is no specific order, and it can be between updates.
    The current super troops will not be removed from the game. There will only be additions. With the possibility, later, of having two super troops at the same time.
    No super troops planned for the gold pass. They want it to be accessible to everyone, whether they pay or not.

    Any plans to drain your resources for maxed players ?
    Yes, the super troops are a first step. They have other ideas, but it is not immediate.

    An addition of super spells?
    Super troops are very recent, it's a good idea but it would be difficult to differentiate spells and super spells. For the moment Supercell is rather focused on super troops.

    What are Darian's favorite super troops?
    The Inferno, and the super witch. They will arrive at the next update.

    Note that the super witch will not be that of the builder base.
    Supercell has other surprises for the update.

    Where does the small path next to the trader lead? And the waterfall?
    Darian says that nothing is added randomly in the game. This is a little mystery, but there is a little something behind it. Wait and see.
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    Thank you for the summary...

    Quote Originally Posted by Rak2180 View Post
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rak2180 View Post

    Where does the small path next to the trader lead? And the waterfall?
    Darian says that nothing is added randomly in the game. This is a little mystery, but there is a little something behind it. Wait and see.
    And I notice this centre 3 sign or something near waterfall, which came after the last update drop.

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