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    If I can have oreo mountain and Choco lake
    I don't need ur help

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    Quote Originally Posted by Montapegenesis View Post
    Gimme oreo mountain and choco lake. I will guarantee to grant your wish
    Quote Originally Posted by zok000 View Post
    And I want:
    # 25 Hotels
    # An oil rig
    # A large supermarket chain
    # 6 Mansion in luxury locations around the world
    # My own island with a personalised flag
    # A yacht
    # 1 billion in the stock market
    # 1 billion in bonds
    # 1 billion in gold

    You get me what I want and I will guarantee you limited troops and spells every month...

    If I was rich I would not be post this thread

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    I've an example, I play only "Fun Mode" in "League of Legends", but they don't always release them in Public Server.
    So, Luckily I joined the BETA server, and "URF mode" is there almost 24/7.

    that means, fun stuff don't really release in normal server that often.

    I like those troops too >u<

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