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Thread: Neighborhood chat ideas

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    Neighborhood chat ideas

    I really hope that Hay Day could add a mentioning option in neighbourhood chats. When i want to mention a person, i don't need to type his/her farm name out. It will be much more easy and also perfect for neighbourhood with people from different countries. And if I've been mentioned, I'll get a notification about that.

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    Yeah, I agree with this!

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    I like this idea.

    I am the leader of a neighborhood, and every time I get on to play, I always scroll through any chats that happened when I was gone to see if anyone needed me for something, needed help, etc. It would be nice to get notifications that someone sent a message directed to you, that way it doesn’t take hours to see their chat and respond.

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    what often happens on our farm is that I will take a help task. Then someone in the neighborhood will offer to put things up to renew. The chat then looks like this:
    Hi X are you on?
    Sorry Y I missed you.
    X I'm here.
    missed you Y, let me know when you are on.
    on and on it goes.
    it would be nice if you could get notified. They send notifications for all sorts of other pointless things, so why not this as well.

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