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Thread: heroes' minions looks the same as their equipped skin

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    heroes' minions looks the same as their equipped skin

    It would be really nice if the minions that are spawned by the heroes when their ability pop, looks the same or similar to the heroes equipped skin. Because the primal skin gives no special effects and is almost the same as the normal skins. Its a very average looking skin and thats how i came up with this idea. Its a lot of work yeah i understand. But it would be really cool if this happened lol

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    I imagine the clockwork queen spawning mini clockworks or the Skeleton king spawning skelies.

    Make sense, so yeah why not!
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    While in theory it sounds cool, and it would probably look that way, for this to occur would require the base troop to be rendered in 3D which at that size the detail wouldn't translate well enough to warrant the amount of cpu load it would cause when all of them are running around in addition to all the other troops in your army.

    This is the main reason Supercell has stated they're not going to offer skins for any other troop.

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    I would love this idea, but this would probably almost increase the space the game needs by a lot.

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    The idea would be cool to see.This would have no effect whatsoever on attacking, either.But this may cause the game to lag(like the OLD waterfall,which was removed for the same reason).

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