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Thread: war base (anti ground)

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    war base (anti ground)

    (move the barrier at 430 in between at/wt and xbow/ad)

    This is an anti ground base of my own design that i have conceived in the hope of putting a hole in witchs, valks and hogs. None of those attacks have been able to pass 86% (witch slap did the best). It directs golems towards high dps zones as well as keeps them from taking down those high dps zones.
    So far the only problem has been lalo, a quite popular army, though my traps can come in handy (I will update the thread ASAP with the traps view).
    trip tesla farm going from cc compartement to north east. The divider at 4 30 o'clock is to divert away from queen and xbow towards trash compartements. If I was maxed I believe 3* would be very difficult.
    The base is also strong to baby ds (inexperienced), mass dragons and any pekka army (kill squads are quite ineffective but aq charge is powerful)
    cc should have 1 baby d, 1 valk, 1 witch.
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