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    My hood always starts derby the first minute its possible, we got 3 bunnies and we finished first. So thats possible as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hobbitly View Post
    My hood always starts derby the first minute its possible, we got 3 bunnies and we finished first. So thats possible as well.
    I guess you can never know.. In this derby all 3 spots were taken the first half of the day (some even before I woke up!) I guess people decided to ignore the Bunny derby.
    Costed me my spot in the Championship league Even though I got the last bunny the moment it opened

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greebie0 View Post
    That's very interesting.

    I noticed that a NH who doesn't try to catch bunnies can finish the derby much faster and secure the first place while the other NHs are still waiting for the second bunny to appear. If one could delay the derby start until all - or nearly all - bunnies are available, that wouldn't be a problem any more.
    I play solo & have been opted out of the Derby for a few weeks, long enough to end up dropping down to the bottom league.

    I opted in for last week's bunny derby (the one being talked about in this thread) as I figured that there's nothing to lose, even if I ended up doing zero tasks.

    I spent a few days trashing tasks until there were enough, that I would be happy take, to get to the last horseshoe (only 5 free tasks in this league, average of 290pts per task to reach last threshold).

    I eventually took the first task on Sunday afternoon. After taking that task it said bunny time would be in 1h30m, so I waited & took my second task when that started. Once I'd finished the task, & caught the first bunny, the countdown showed another 1h30m until next bunny time. I took the next two tasks during the following bunny time, so caught the second bunny quickly & then took a little bit of time completing my fourth task, which gave me my third bunny once finished.

    I then leisurely completed the fifth task to achieve all the horseshoes available & was finished before going to bed Sunday night.

    I was in first place all the way through this, with only a few other teams getting any points at all, many remained on 0pts. Obviously this may be more likely because of being in the bottom league, but starting the Derby so late in the week probably helped too...and all three bunnies were available to catch in quick succession.
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