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Thread: Taliban (#LPGCQLQLY) Are recruiting now!

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    Taliban (#LPGCQLQLY) Are recruiting now!

    Taliban (#LPGCQLQLY) are looking for active warring members to join us
    Taliban is welcoming new members to join us and our clan. We are a fun and loving clan who enjoys to support new members, we advise on how to raid more effectively and attack better during wars. Some information is as follows:

    Clan Name: Taliban

    Clan Tag: #LPGCQLQLY

    Clan Level: 3

    Clan Shield: white background red triangles

    Clan Location: International

    Required trophies: 0 and 0 builder base trophies required

    War stats: Wins - 14 / Losses - 10 / Draws - 0

    War Frequency: always , but optional. Those who opt out will not be forced to take part in war.

    Clan Games: Always get around 5th tier due to not many active players

    Language: English

    Clan War Organisation: Clash Caller

    Clan Rules:

    1. Respect others be respectful and overall enjoy your time

    2. All heroes need to be available to be allowed to join war.

    3. You can hit any base of your TH lvl that you're most comfortable with to get 3 stars. Always discuss with the leaders if unsure of target.

    4. Always use both attacks, regardless if we win or lose. Failure to do so with reasons not justified will result in being kicked.

    5. Get consent from any one of the leaders before leaving the clan for a visit elsewhere.


    Everyone has a chance at promotion

    For Elders, be active, good war participation and attacks.

    For Co Leaders, selected based on overall activity, participation in wars, good leadership, helping new members to get integrated


    We are looking for active members and looking for townhall TH7 and above (non rushed), and is able to 3 star your own TH level during war., based on your base structure, troop availability.

    Minimum Hero Requirements: anywhere near max will do
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