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    Quote Originally Posted by EngSAM View Post
    do you mean i will loose defensively or offensively or both ? because general speaking , i dont care about defense, all what i care for is to find weaker opponents with alot of resources , inorder to gather and upgrade.
    In which case, you are farming, and definitely want to stay fairly low in trophies.

    what makes me interested to upgrade is that when upgrading to th11, i will get the grand warden who will protect my troops while attacking and i will open the super troops thing.
    Neither of those are really a good reason to upgrade too early to TH11.

    Most people at TH11 should never use super troops, they really aren't worth the DE cost when you still have hero and troop upgrades to do.

    And the warden protection isn't that fantastic until you get to quite high levels.

    i dont know if that would atleast balance , but you are right i should max my troops inorder to be able to withstand against higher rank bases.
    Yes, you should definitely max the troops you use most (and include barbarians and archers because that affects the level of spawned ones from hero abilities).

    all what i care for is to attack and win , for me , currently im being matchmaking with hard and medium difficulty opponents , so im not trying to attack the hard, until i max my troops

    but if upgrading to th11 will make me find difficulty to find medium opponents, then i wont do this step for sure
    You will find harder opponents on average if you upgrade to TH11, yes.

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    im now convinced guys thanks for your time , i wont upgrade to th11, i will max my troops and upgrade my heros before thinking about upgrading . i just want to enjoy the game

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    Quote Originally Posted by JusMe View Post
    OK... what you are referring to are the 'dead bases' people talk about in game and here on the forums. These are bases where the mines, pumps and drills haven't been emptied and some of the defenses like inferno and for TH11 eagle are 'empty'... x-bows can be empty too.

    For this, many say to 'stay in your farming range'. In our clans quite a few people farm with only baby dragons in the range from 2100 to 2600 trophies. If they get above that, they farm with goblins to go back down (goblin knife strat).

    I'm not sure why you are hung up on getting the warden 'to protect your troops'. That 'protection' is quite limited and, especially when a warden isn't maxed for the TH level, the warden tends to die quite quickly... Also, the super troops will cost you 50k Dark Elixer PER WEEK of use, after which you CANNOT use the troop you used the week before. Are you aware of those limitations AND the huge cost? Your DE will most likely be much better spent on upping your heroes and troops to the max level for your TH before you go higher in TH. What is your goal when you go to TH11? Just get the warden? and then? ....

    your totally right . i will max my troops first

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    Th10, I think champions league will do pretty good if you know how to attack a th11 properly, they are easy 2 stars with high heros! Th12 on the other hand, Id recommend to pass or attempt a 1 star if it has great dark.
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    FWIW, I dropped from Legends to Bronze III yesterday - end of season loot got my walls finished; now fully maxed & working on Unbreakable.

    Anyhoo, the lower you go, the more variety you'll find. Even as a max 13, TH8's were offered fairly often.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaledonian View Post
    FWIW, I dropped from Legends to Bronze III yesterday - end of season loot got my walls finished; now fully maxed & working on Unbreakable.

    Anyhoo, the lower you go, the more variety you'll find. Even as a max 13, TH8's were offered fairly often.
    Yeah,I could find TH4s with my TH11,in bronze(even though,they were like,1 in 50 or so)

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    Yes the opponents definitely get easier as you drop trophies. You are offered a wider variety of TH levels, so more THs below yours, but more importantly bases with much weaker defences.

    You can always find a comfortable niche, where attacking is easy, whatever your base strength, IF you have 1 good near max army for your TH level.

    just experiment and spend a few days in each league until you find the one that suits you


    the only caveat is that the lower you go the harder it is to farm Dark elixir, and the harder it is to upgrade heros
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