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Thread: Farms Of Hayday looking for new recruits

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    Cool Farms Of Hayday looking for new recruits

    Farms Of Hayday looking for new people to do derbys and help out when ever then can. So look no further if intrested look for the name Farms Of Hayday ran by BigD's Farms

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    Farms of Hayday looking for You ! ! !

    We been around for awhile numrous trophys in all slots of derby were a friendly group and look foward to you joining the family looking foward to seeing you here minimum lvl to join is 20 hope to see you here.
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    Farms of Hayday Looking for Recruits

    Hi im BigD from the group Farms of Hayday looking for new members, this group has been around a long time and had members that werent active so starting off new. Have Trophies from rookie league to expert league so good at derbys which are must. Must speak english or write also must be on discord server for hayday to communicate. My tag is #QLY2CCC look foward to new faces to keep this group going and thriving and having fun.

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