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Thread: joining 2clans for cwl

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    joining 2clans for cwl

    Players sign up below champ are able to join more than 1 clan for cwl.

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    Do you have proof of a player doing this? While you can be in a clan for cwl AND another clan for regular clan wars, you can not be in two cwls at the same time. Anyone that is doing this is probably violating the TOS through illicit means and needs to be reported.
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    Cwl in one and regular(classic)war in the other is possible may be even a friendly war at that time is possible ive seen people doing regular and cwl at same time over different clans but i dont think cwl in 2 clans at same time is possible

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    Now this is one of those situations where 'Screenshots (of two different clan wars where the same player with the same name and player tag) are in two different CWL at once' or it didn't happen. Yes, CWL and regular war are possible, but one account in two CWL at the same time? Highly doubt it...

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    I doubt it can be done. I tried doing that for some minis in my alt clan and the mini cant be selected.

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    CWL in one clan and regular war(or friendly war) in another is possible.CWL in two clans at the same time,is not.

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    Perhaps this was meant to be phrased as a question - and if that's the case, the answer is "No".

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