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    Free player almost max TH13

    I have been playing since about 3-4 months after the game was released in 2012 and have not spent any money on the game. I was about 50 walls away from being maxed when the TH13 upgrade was released. Now after continued grinding, I am again almost there. Just started on the L14 walls (6 down 144 to go) with everything else done but the small bombs which will be done this weekend. With another upgrade planned in late July or early July, I have about a month to get 144 walls!

    Fingers crossed!

    I have been tempted to but the season gold pass as it is a great deal, but at this point it is more of an personal motivator to try and finish the game without spending money.

    My only regret is that the first year it came out I must have removed one of the Xmas trees as I have been saving them and missing one which I think was the first year.

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    F2P to the utmost. Hands down.

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    144 walls @ 6 mil/piece is a lot....

    But anyway, congrats. Finishing Ds and lab is no easy task either

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    Don't get the pass. Most people that are almost max get it and then complain about having nothing to do with their resources.

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    I strongly believe it's very important that supercell always allow f2p players to max their villages before the release of a new update. This is healthy for the community and has worked very well so far.
    Of course many of us (me included) will buy the golden ticket or some interesting offers, so we can reach the top leagues faster and stay there for a longer time.
    But we also have many players with different play styles and wealth. F2p allow everyone to be connected and have fun together.
    It may seem paradoxical, but knowing that I can slow down (going F2P) and still have a maxed village is what makes me believe that buying a golden ticket in clash of clans is worth it.

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    I am a f2p also playing since mid 2016 this point i have th13 5 star lvl 65 bk and ak ..40 lvl gw and 15 rc... With almost maxed lab and key defences maxed(like eagle. Inferno. Xbow. Ad. .. A f2p can also upto the date with the game what you need is right league and right strategy for farming..🤘
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    Played since mid 2015 i guess im F2P almost maxed one of my 13(got 3 passes on it though)coz i got someone gifting it to me other than that ive not spend a single penny on it.
    Ive got other 2 13s thats almost maxed with few def and bunch of walls left which gonna take a while may be a month or 2 .
    Feels great to max out without spending
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    Quote Originally Posted by RH69 View Post
    Played since mid 2015 i guess im F2P almost maxed one of my 13(got 3 passes on it though)coz i got someone gifting it to me other than that ive not spend a single penny on it.
    Then you are not F2P. Regardless of where the money came from, you spent it on the account, so it can no longer be called F2P. No shame in that, there's no special badge you get for being F2P, it's just one manner of playing.

    My base is F2P as well, OP - 15 walls left, 2 lab upgrades, 9 defenses, and the new collector levels. Oh, and 2 small bombs. I probably won't finish before the next release, but I'll be closer than I was for the spring update. It's a good counter-argument to those that claim the game is P2W, or that you can't max without spending.

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    Good luck! Iíve bought a few gold passes but nothing more and am in a similar position (although strangely, I max my walls way before anything else.) my lab and walls and heroes are all done, just a few cannons and traps left! Looking forward to being maxed and chilling for a bit

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