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    I have been playing since about 3-4 months after the game was released in 2012 and have not spent any money on the game. I was about 50 walls away from being maxed when the TH13 upgrade was released. Now after continued grinding, I am again almost there. Just started on the L14 walls (6 down 144 to go) with everything else done but the small bombs which will be done this weekend. With another upgrade planned in late July or early July, I have about a month to get 144 walls!
    Why you think there is an update planned for that late?

    The last time we had an update in July (and that was the 1st) was 2015. Every year since then has had an update in May or June.

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    If there is a June update I may just make max before it drops assuming it's late June. Still have have 2 collectors, 7 mines, 13 small traps left plus 6 active builders than finish up over the next couple days. So may come up just short of full max.
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    Part of me wishes to congratulate you on your progress without cost... another part envies you as I’ve spent more than I would have liked to out of sheer impatience (and leadership generosity).

    But then I sit back and think... if I (and everyone) had the F2P mindset in clash - it would never have lasted 7+ years.

    So on one hand... congrats. On the other hand... you’re welcome lol
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    Congrats !!! Keep moving forward !

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