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Thread: Lower Your Expectations

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    Lower Your Expectations

    Lower Your Expectations

    I quit playing Hay Day permanently several weeks ago. I thought I would take the time to post my reasons why. My choice of title for this thread reflects my advice to those who would like to keep playing Hay Day, you will see why in my explanation of why I quit.

    During the Mystery Bunny Derby that ran from April 28 thru May 3, 2020 I received multiple town related tasks. The eighth mystery task that I took was for 9 Locals. Wanting to get it done quickly, I decided to pull in trains to get the Locals. I began with 0 Locals and had to pull in 27 trains to get 9 locals when there are only 10 characters for the train to randomly pick from. I had to look at recent Screenshots to determine the number of diamonds that I spent and therefore how many trains I had pulled in. I know from my study of math in college (I have a minor in Math) that it is quite easy to cause a random distribution to favor or disfavor certain outcomes. With this in mind, consider 27 trains times 14 townies per train equals 378 total townies. If all of the townies were equally likely to be given to me then I could expect 37.8 +/- (some reasonable number) of those townies would be Locals. The number 9 is far enough away from the expected average of 37.8 for me to be confident even without further mathematical analysis that the outcome of a Local arriving from the train was disfavored.

    I will leave it up to you to decide if this observation that the Local was disfavored while I had a Mystery Locals task was extremely bad luck or if it was deliberate. For me, it felt far too deliberate for me to be able to keep playing. I tried telling myself that my feelings aren't logical, but feelings are too persistent to be easily dismissed.

    Perhaps the reason that my feelings couldn't be easily dismissed is that I already had some suspicions that the game was becoming increasingly rigged against me as a player. My complaints are common ones, so before listing them I will give simple advice that may have helped me and may have prevented me from deciding to quit the game. Please lower your expectations of Hay Day. Assume that if random selection can go against you that it will go against you and play accordingly, maybe you can avoid frustration levels high enough to cause you to quit playing. A game that was once great fun to play is now no longer fun to play and I am quite saddened about this change. OK, now that I've said that, here are my complaints:

    1. Scrolls are already too hard to get and are getting harder to get not easier to get. For example, I have to shuffle my derby rewards more to get the maximum possible 2 scrolls.

    2. The weekly special offers have maybe one item that looks interesting and the other two in the package are completely uninteresting so I would have to waste diamonds to get something that I wanted like certain fences.

    3. Any new decoration, like the fences I just mentioned, is either an exclusive decoration or available only in the packaged offers and don't go on sale for anything, not even for diamonds.

    4. The diamond packages with a decoration are seldomly offered and when they are it is offered with a boring decoration. There are certain trees that I was watching for in those offers so that I could get more of them, but eventually I gave up. I would have spent real money on this game to get diamonds and a pink, purple or red tree but the game maker never offered me the chance to do that when I decided to buy more of those specific trees. If they were also offering the blue fences, pink fences, trellis fences or other fences for sale for diamonds I may very well have spent most of the newly purchased diamonds, but I wasn't given the opportunity to spend diamonds in this way.

    5. I can spend diamonds to fix my truck in the valley, keep a booster, speed up a derby task or for some other one time use thing. I can buy older decorations with diamonds, but I can't buy any of the newer decorations with diamonds, not even when they are no longer being offered in the derby or the reward catalog.

    6. These complaints combine to cause me to think that the game maker is only interested in getting me to spend diamonds for a benefit that is fleeting, not for one that gives me something that will last.

    7. I am increasingly of the opinion that the game maker is only interested in getting me to spend diamonds, so I have focused my comments on diamond related opinions. It is a pity that the game maker is uninterested in offering me opportunities to buy diamond packages that I want to buy or offering me opportunities to spend diamonds on things that I want to buy. This seems to me to be a simple way of getting the players to buy and spend diamonds, offer opportunities that the players want, but maybe I don't know what I'm talking about. After all, I'm not a game designer, I'm just a game player who has purchased diamond packages in the past.

    Please everyone, if you have come this far in my post and still want to keep playing, lower your expectations so that you do not become frustrated with it like I did.

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    still watching,,

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    Well i dont have any expectations i just play hayday as its a fun game to play yes op you make some great observations of which i totally agree with eg the derby i stopped playing that i while back as its just to frustrating for many reason however as long as the game is fun to play i will still play it i have zero targets zero expectations so tbe game is still a great distraction from the real world
    just expressing a opinion no offence intended my english writing skills is rubbish so i aplogies in advance please everyone accept my comnents at face value yup i can be a bit thick but i try my best so please be understanding

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    'I lowered my expectations' a LONG time ago. It was that or stop playing.
    I had made many of the same observations as you - it's clear if you do town tasks!
    A long time ago RANDOM was a word frequently heard...but not believed!

    HOWEVER, as disappointing as I find that from a challenge point of view, I totally accept it from a commercial point of view.

    SC/HD gets some of its revenue from players buying diamonds, therefore it needs players to BUY diamonds and so it's skewed towards encouraging you to do so. But you don't have to!

    There isn't anything you're excluded from doing if you don't 'pay to play', there's MASSES of FREE content.

    The designs/art/graphics are exceptional.

    I never buy diamonds for the sake of it, but I'm a sucker for the DECO/Diamond packages.

    I've thrown my toys out of the cot numerous times over the years, but over issues of unfairness/inequality between players (mainly things like Solo players not being able to achieve horseshoe rewards - which was eventually changed) and other things now long forgotten, but not because SC is 'encouraging' me to buy diamonds to play their game.

    There are still a lot of inequities for Solo players, but many of them can be eased by having multiple farms (but I don't have time for that) and there are still frustrations that could easily be fixed but aren't, but that's life.

    I don't play with the passion (addiction!) I once did, I miss a lot of players/forum friends that quit playing and posting and it's not as much fun or addictive as it once was. ANOTHER life lesson in 'enjoying the moment' <one day it'll actually sink in!>

    I am still VERY disappointed in the (buying) trading limits as Trading WAS a huge part of the game for me and I made a lot of friends trading. It's changed the game enormously for me, but - sadly, it's not all about me!

    HOWEVER, I challenge anyone to find a better FTP game, that would allow me to play as much as I like for over 5 years and still have me playing daily.

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    I have not lowered my expectations. I got rid of them totally. 😂 The breaking point for me was 80 limit on EMs. Anything else that came before and after that is just about the old same practice: hardly anything is random and almost everything is directed at trying to tempt players to spend real money on the game. And i dont get frustrated any longer. Tom has been let alone to sleep all day long for weeks now, i play derby casually - if i drop a league, i couldnt care less. And there are days gone by when i hardly ever wish to go on hd.

    For me playing hd used to be a lot of fun. Now its only an occasional and RANDOM distraction. 😂😂😂
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    And there are days gone by when i hardly ever wish to go on hd.

    For me playing hd used to be a lot of fun. Now its only an occasional and RANDOM distraction.
    Couldn't agree more!

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    I wonder how high your expectations were for a free game.

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    I agree that the so-called randomness is skewed badly. This is particularly true with townies when you require a specific type. Even in a multi-player hood, if one has selected one of these townie tasks, others in the hood struggle to get the people on their trains as well. I used to collect 9 of 4 different types before start of derby, but discovered that the ones I have prepared NEVER come up in derby.

    Similarly, the DD is also skewed. Even if looking for strawberries for example (a common item in the DD), you will struggle to find them. I go over to my other farm and there will be multiple ads there for strawberries! Easy enough to trade between farms, but it is a hassle.

    Expansion scrolls are ridiculously hard to get - one either has to spend a heap of diamonds on derby shuffles, or is forced to play the valley, where most of the other rewards are hardly worth the time and effort involved.

    I despise decorations, so I'm not feeling your pain with those. I simply scream and swear when I get one in the WOF

    Unlike some posters above, I have no problem with the 80 limit. I was one of the unfortunate people who was plagued by the bots, thus was not able to sell to my hoodies. I have not seen any bots since the change.

    My expectations were lowered a long time ago, and now I simply play the game with absolutely no stress, and mainly I play to help my neighbourhood during the derby.

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    My expectations were simple: Once a things has been introduced, I expect it to remain the same and to not change (lower) in quality. I expected certain things to favor people who buy diamonds, however I expected that the extent to which these players were favored would remain stable and would as a result not continually disfavor other players more and more. This incidentally, also disfavors players who buy diamonds because they would have to buy more diamonds. Lastly, I have purchased diamonds in the past.

    Quote Originally Posted by hobbitly View Post
    I wonder how high your expectations were for a free game.
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    I think you're right about the townies. If you have a task that needs a particular townie, they will be remarkably scarce on the Eggspress.

    If you have a large neighborhood, they'll be able to provide townies for you, but in a small hood, like mine, those townie tasks are bad news. I only take those tasks if I already have nine of the right kind of townie lined up and ready to go (preferably with only 1 building left for each).

    Of course, there's still the chance of being burned in the Mystery Derby.

    Like ninagrozdanovic, the 80 EM limit was the breaking point for me. I'm still playing, but not seriously. If we finish last in the derby and fall out of the champions league, so be it. Same if I don't finish an event or fall short in the valley. (I think I had over 30 fuels left when the last Valley Season ended - just couldn't be bothered to use them.)

    I don't mind SC trying to make money. That's the point of the game, after all. It's not a public service, it's a business. They've pulled the plug on games before for "insufficient monetization," and despite my lowered expectations, I don't want that to happen to Hay Day. But the 80 EM limit seems to be more about their inability to control bots than anything else. It just seems...desperate.

    And it doesn't seem to have worked. Maybe it slowed them down a little, but they're still selling EMs, they're just selling them in 80 a day subscriptions instead of all at once. Makes me wonder they'll attempt to deal with this by lowering the limit more.
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