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    2 new ideas (builder base)

    a huge cauldron to brew unique spells. Use these in battle to ensure a victory!
    Lvl 1 stats:
    Housing capacity: 2
    Hp: 700
    Cost 500k elixer

    a spherical bottle full of boiling hot lava. when dropped on buildings, it damages it every second for 6 seconds and also slows down its attack speed of the building
    Lvl 1 stats:
    Duration: 6 seconds
    Attack speed decrease: 30%
    Dps: 70
    Radius: 5 tiles
    Effect type: area splash
    Housing space: 2
    Targets: buildings
    Points required: 4

    The thing about adding spells in bb is that you need a special twist. And I was thinking doing what boom beach does?
    Where if you destroy a building you get points and you use these points for special abilities.
    If you use it then you can remove the Housing space and housing capabilities. If not then remove the points required
    I hope this inspires you supercell!

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    BB has spells built into troops, I don't think we need separate spells also. 3 stars are not impossible and bases are not that large that we need points for dropping more spells.
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    It seems unlikely they will add spells to BB when the troops already have special abilities built in.

    But you never know, since MV now has super troops with built in abilities.

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    Don't think BB needs spells. Maybe once higher BHs and higher lvl defenses come out, but definitely not now

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    well the idea is very cool
    but it will cause the attackers a very big advantage over the defenses
    there will be more common 3 stars in biulder base
    it should be placed mirror to lava launcher if it is possible
    which i mean is that it should come at BH 9
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