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Thread: Shift in customer service after prolong months of not spending money on in-app purcha

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2222 View Post
    What causes so much contact to support to be needed? I'm just curious as it isn't something I need to do.
    I have contacted support multiple times though not very often.
    Mostly to report non FP players/clans.
    Once to change my game location as I made my main account when I was on VPN.
    A couple times to report offensive layouts or offensive behaviour in chat.Also when someone tried to scam SC IDs.

    Not to mention,I used to contact support to complain about war mismatches or present an idea when I was new to the game and was not aware of forums or reddit.
    Support directed me to forums once, due to which I joined here.
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    Op with respect your post is way of the mark sc treat all their customers the same the is no such thing as vip status when contacting sc somtimes replies are very quick other times it can take up to 72 hours for a response the thing you have failed to consider is the inpact covid 19 has had on supercell they like every buisness has been hit so for sure response times will vary i can give you a great none sc example theres a company a buy clothes from and my parcel went missing so i contacted them and usual response time is 24 hours it took them six weeks to reply so i can assure you its not sc treating you any different then before
    just expressing a opinion no offence intended my english writing skills is rubbish so i aplogies in advance please everyone accept my comnents at face value yup i can be a bit thick but i try my best so please be understanding

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    1. Impossible to draw conclusions based on one person's experience
    2. many organisations do have tiered customer service
    3. how does SC define Customer? someone who regularly spends money, someone who has spent money in the past, a player who may spend money in the future, a potential player

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    If you contact support, where do they contact you back? The email of the account you use to contact them?
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