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Thread: when to upgrade to TH10?

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    when to upgrade to TH10?

    I am currently a TH9 with everything on my base maxed except heroes AQ (Upgrading to 29) BK (Upgrading to 26). My heroes are upgrading non stop except for CWL time. The troops that aren't maxed for my level are Barbarians, archers, giants, goblins, dragons, minions and spells are lightning, freeze, and earthquake.
    So when should I upgrade to TH10? Is staying at TH9 with wasted gold that bad?

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    Wit your current stats, I'd suggest moving on to TH10.

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    Is your defenses and walls max?
    These are the most important aspects of a base.
    But with your current stats, I assume they are max.
    So In my opinion you should upgrade to th10

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    My short checklist before upgrading TH.

    1. Clan castle maxed
    2. Spell and dark spell factory maxed
    3. 4x barracks maxed
    4. 4x Camp maxed
    5. Walls maxed
    6. All storages maxed
    7. Inferno, Air defense, Xbow, Tesla maxed

    After TH11 onwards

    1. All of the above
    2. Eagle maxed
    3. AQ and warden maxed

    Edit: Side note - I did not max out BK before upgrading to next TH level doesn't mean it is not important, it is just that I usually book up my queen and often have both my queen and warden maxed out before King and IMO it is just not worth waiting for my king to max out before moving on next TH lvl.
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