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Thread: Number of newspaper ads

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    I am using a multi user Lenovo tablet TB-x750F
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    Quote Originally Posted by gramenauer13 View Post
    Think I got it.

    Tablets that doesn't show 2-row RSS or 6+6 items on DD have an "strange" aspect-ratio. I mean, DPI should be set accordingly to tablet resolution. If you have, for example, 1600x900 tablet, and 8'' inch, the DPI should be 160 to keep aspect ratio. Some tablets ignore the correct aspect ratio and then Hay Day show like a mobile. I think SC is checking this from a recent game update.

    For the ones affected, you should change your Android DPI size accordingly to your resolution and diagonal size.

    Galaxy Tab has a good aspect ratio so I think it's the correct one.
    Isn't shop usually have policy to let you return the product if not fit within a certain period (2 weeks here for example)? You could test it during that period, not only for display format but for any graphic and/or memory issue. Hay Day displays low resolution asset on some device. Item becomes blurry and not very fun to watch. Speed to load farm finds on newspaper as well (not only the internet speed but how fast the device compute data to display it could alter the result).

    Good luck!
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    Quote Originally Posted by gramenauer13 View Post
    Sorry, 6 + 6

    Thank you !

    Haha that is a big difference. My Galaxy Tab is older and already has 12 ads, so the new one probably has it too.

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