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Thread: valley fufil group request?

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    valley fufil group request?

    this at least 7 time or more i am unable to complete this task. is there something im missing? any tips? i am unable to locate these task except on rare occassion.

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    I had this problem too until I found this pizza shop on north (upper) edge of map that almost always has a group request. I started just hanging around this area.
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    k i will check out.

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    I can not find any group tasks when it is animals instead of chickens. No matter how often I check, there are not any group tasks. Several of my daily quests require group tasks and there arenít any. Not in the clouds, not on the clear area. A little aggravated that I canít finish my quests.

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    Group help tasks have been a issue with tbe sanctuary valley since it started with some responses being they work differently and cant be seen until you click on the building and this season again i couldnt find any up until yesterday then suddenly help icons started popping up on several buildings i can only assume our great hayday team have been doing a little tweaking behind the scenes
    just expressing a opinion no offence intended my english writing skills is rubbish so i aplogies in advance please everyone accept my comnents at face value yup i can be a bit thick but i try my best so please be understanding

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