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    Quote Originally Posted by PapaTroll View Post
    What buildings do not yet have an upgrade at TH13.

    I know sweepers have been mentioned.

    Cannon and archer towers both have a level already at 13, but could get another. But as another poster already mentioned SC has a habit of nerfing these defenses at the same time they provide a new level. In effect, we could end up paying 16 to 18 million each just to stay in the same place (mostly).

    We also got only a couple of traps so there could be room for a few more, and yes tornado trap is a possibility.
    I hope there is never another tornado trap. It is by far the most disruptive trap, and havijng two f tem would make it almost impossible to find a path to the TH that didn't trigger one.

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    Before we get some new level of any troop or more troops to deploy I prefer to rework existing.
    make more reg. elex spells take one place with half duration or minimise the space it affects.
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