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    Belgium, a beautiful town. Here, you can find the best Fries, chocolate, beer and waffles ever!

    I Introduce... The Clasher's Clubhouse !

    I made a sketch, as always

    Hello and welcome to The Clasher's Clubhouse! Share the fun with beer... eeh I mean elixer and friends! The Clasher's Clubhouse was made by builders who were bored, they wanted a place to have fun, a place to meet with the arrived CC troops. This siege machine works the same way as the Siege Barack. So in battle, you can drop the Clasher's Clubhouse (falls from the sky) and your troops come out, but with a twist (we all like twists, don't we?): In the Clubhouse, the troops do fun activities and it gives them a specific boost which will be active for a few seconds after leaving the Clubhouse. Everytime when you attack, you will need to choose two activities which give the CC troops 2 unique boosts.

    Here are the activities to choose from:

    Darian's Dancing
    Nothing better than a party with loud music and a lot of elixer! The music provides adrenaline for the partying troops, which will speed up the troops for a while when they come out of the Clubhouse (+40% movement speed).

    Horror Film
    Horror Films... They are scary, aren't they? Especially the ones with JUMP-scares! The word says it self. The troops will be able to jump over walls for a while. I wonder what film is so scary that it makes a golem or a witch scared.

    Fitness with Friends
    All the troops will fitness together in the Clubhouse and Darian will be the coach. Fitness makes you stronger, so guess what this activity does with the troops... Yes, the troops get a 40% damage boost for a while!

    Hide and Seek
    This one is obvious. The troops will be invisible for a while. Yes, even the thick golem and the mighty dragon!

    Darian's Pet House
    Cats, pony's and puppies! Aren't they cute? So cute that they distract the enemy. The enemy will shoot 2x slower for a while, until the pets are scared to go any further and want to go back to Daddy Darian.

    Bachelor Party
    Yes, a party again, but this time, a Bachelor Party! Some people pick their perfect chance to find true love! When the troops come out of the Clubhouse after a Bachelor Party, they will have +40% HP for a while.

    Gaming Night
    No Clubhouse without a Gaming Night! The troops play games together all night and eventually, they will level up with one level because they played so much! They will come out as a +1 level troop, and will change back to normal level after a while.

    Some important details and stats:

    1) Effect duration per level:
    - Level 1: 15 seconds
    - Level 2: 18 seconds
    - Level 3: 22 seconds
    - Level 4: 25 seconds

    2) The Pets from the Pethouse Party will slow down all buildings and enemy troops in a range of 8.5 tiles. And after X seconds (depending on level), they will turn back to the deployed Clubhouse.

    3) Again, you can choose 2 boosts at once.

    4) The Clash Clubhouse is 4x4 tiles in size.

    5) The Clash Clubhouse has no HP. You just drop it somewhere and the troops come out.

    Some good combinations for attacks:

    1) speedboost + jump + valks
    2) speedboost + invisible + hogs
    3) dps boost + level up + bowlers
    4) dps boost + distraction + wizards
    5) dps boost + HP boost + bowlers
    6) jump + HP boost + golem/lava
    7) speedboost + HP boost + loons
    8) dps boost + jump + pekka
    9) dps boost + distraction + dragons
    10) speed boost + HP boost + hogs
    11) ...

    I hope you like it!
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    Introducing a new siege machine to all of you , THE “Poison Plane”
    The concept :
    An aerodynamic structure built by the master builder himself when he was researching upon how to make the battle blimp and stone slammers .Thus a new air borne siege machine was born ultimately . In the battle field deploy it some where where troops can be deployed) and its gonna take a sec , start its engine and then a go for the town hall by moving right and moving left . And a group of archer sitting behind the pilot , shoots things like an archer tower does . On getting destroyed ( by any means , maybe the players wish or by taking excessive damage) the archers also join the attack with the cc troops. Number of archers fixed on the basis of the level.
    Now lets move on to its specialty. What’s so impressive about it?
    The thing is when it runs in its special pose, it leaves a poison spread over its track . And this poison spell is gonna reduce the speed and dps of the enemy defensive buildings as well as the cc troops .and its duration must be set according to the guidelines of game balance . But its not the end , it also sucks an specific ( not that much )amount of resources where it gets destroyed.

    Lets get to know its stats :
    Level 1 : Hp : 3600
    Dps : 50
    Archer summoned : 5
    by the poison spell
    For buildings : damage: 20 , attack rate decrease:25%
    For cc troops : damage 15 , attack rate decrease : 30%
    Level 2 : Hp : 3800
    Dps : 55
    Archer summoned : 6
    Poison effect
    For buildings : damage 25 , attack rate decrease : 30%
    For cc troops : damage 20, attack rate decrease : 35%
    Level 3( maxed out) : Hp : 4000
    Dps : 60
    Archer summoned : 7
    Poison effect :
    For buildings : damage 30, attack rate decrease : 35%
    For cc troops : damage 25 attack rate decrease : 40%

    TRIVIA :

    • Never moves in a straight way like blimp . rather a zigzag way is preferred by it . ( I don’t know anything about it . Ask the master builder .)
    • The archers are not gonna killed by the enemy defense line when its in the plane .The planes gonna soak up all the damage .So they remain safe inside it . But as soon as they get outta the siege , they are vulnerable to the defense .
    • The plane is driven by a person who looks almost like a barbarian , but as he lacked the muscles , he was trained as a pilot. When the siege is destroyed , he is nowhere to be found ( maybe escaped the battle field )
    • No specific or favorite targets .

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    Quote Originally Posted by OnyxDS View Post
    Surely if it's a rabbit, the mechanics would have to involve it going to the centre of the base, and then the following conversation amongst the attacking troops on the periphery....

    -Barb king: What happens now?
    -Barb: Well, now, uh, Pekka, Giant, and I, uh, wait until nightfall, and then leap out of the rabbit, taking the enemy, uh, by surprise. Not only by surprise, but totally unarmed!
    -BK: Who leaps out?
    -Barb: U-- u-- uh, Pekka, Giant, and I. Uh, leap out of the rabbit, uh, and uh...
    -BK: Ohh...
    -Barb: Oh. Um, l-- look, i-- i-- if we built this large wooden badger--

    Sorry. Couldn't resist
    You sir, win the internet today

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    Thanks for Fun Friday Darian:

    My submission is for:

    The Sky Shocker - aptly named for two reasons:

    1. Your enemy might see this charming unit heading their way and think it is just a package delivery - How wrong they are: This beauty houses your cc troops on top which deploy either when you chose to or when the Sky Shocker is down to its' final moments of purpose. Don't worry though the Sky Shocker is designed to have your CC troops as a primary objective and ensures they are safely away before she goes down!

    2. Once you launch your Sky Shocker this little gem will deal damage to defenses in her path - fearlessly risking her very last blade for the mission! The Sky Shocker deals damage by use of releasing small sworms of bats.

    Some things to pay attention to while using the Sky Shocker:

    1. Pay attention to pathing as the Sky Shocker does not care where the Town Hall is, the Sky Shocker flies to the next closest defense as it travels.
    2. Flying directly into Wizard towers / ScatterShots will seriously limit the Sky Shockers ability to help your troops coming in with the Sky Shocker

    Justice - Leader of Lethal Demise #9QJJU9J8
    Level 22!!!

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    Introducing The Famous : Trojan Horse

    The Trojan Horse was Used To Win A war That was Impossible to win , A Famous Trojan War fought against The Famous and Independent City of Troy . It was used to enter The City of Troy and Attack The Enemies at The Time They Don't Really Thought That The Enemy will Attack . And The Trojan Horse Contained Troops of Immense Strength including the Famous Odysseus and Many Others .

    Now Let's Talk About The Details of This Horse to Be Used in Clash of Clan :

    - The Trojan Horse Should Be Unlocked at Workshop Level 5 .
    - It Should Be Invisible For The First 7 seconds and It Should have the Ability to penetrate the walls because the Trojan Horse was allowed to enter the city but they were not knowing that It is a Trick used by Enemies .
    - The Horse Should Move toward The Town Hall .
    - After The Invisibility period is over , It Should Deploy The Troops That are inside The Trojan Horse .
    - As The Troops inside the Trojan Horse were powerful and full of strength , So I suggest That It Should Contain one Hero and Some troops .
    - And It will be a unique thing in clash of clan .

    Features of This Siege Machine :

    Housing Space : 1
    Movement Speed : 14
    Training Time : 25m
    Lifetime : 7s ( because after invisibility , it will deploy it's troops and itself will get vanished )
    Training Cost : 150,000
    Workshop Level Required : 5

    Features According to Levels of this Siege Machine :

    Level 1 :

    Hit Points : It Should have no Hit points as it will be invisible and will get vanished after invisibility , So it doesn't require hit points .
    Troops hidden inside Horse : 1 Hero + 10 Housing Space Troops
    Research Cost : N/A
    Laboratory Level Required : N/A
    Research Time : N/A

    Level 2 :

    Hit Points : No Hit Points .
    Troops hidden inside Horse : 1 Hero + 15 Housing Space Troops
    Research Cost : 9,000,000
    Laboratory Level Required : 11 or 12 ( If available )
    Research Time : 12 days

    Level 3 ( Max ) :

    Hit Points : No Hit Points .
    Troops hidden inside Horse : 2 Hero + 20 Housing Space Troops
    Research Cost : 18,000,000
    Laboratory Level Required : 11 or 12 ( If available )
    Research Time : 20 days

    The Above was my idea foe new Siege Machine and I think It is a unique idea and It is from a very famous story that will remain forever in history . The SuperCell can make Many Changes in it's Feature , if somewhere I did injustice .

    Thanks .
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    Introducing... the Underground Wrecker


    After the Wall Wrecker’s astonishing success, it’s creator got the funds that he needed to create the Wall Wrecker’s cousin... the Master Builder built, after long night of work, the Underground Wrecker! We can even see the Master controlling it in the riders seat on top of the siege!

    How it works - What does it do

    The Underground Wrecker, as mentioned in it’s name, doesn’t bother to go on the ground like other troops... with his small movement speed of 16, it would take too long anyways. The Underground Wrecker, like miners, goes underground!

    While slowly traveling under the base, the UW deals a bit of damage to each building he goes under. Not a lot though, perhaps 1/2 of a wizard’s fireball.

    Additional statistics

    The UW has just a bit of health. Like 3/4 of what the other siege machines have.

    Like the other siege machines, the UW isn’t affected by spells... except the haste spell.

    If you decide to deploy the CC troops while the UW is underground, they will instantly be transported on the ground thanks to the magic elevator built my the Master Builder.

    The UW goes back to the surface for 3 seconds every 12 seconds to get some oxygen as the troops stored inside can’t live without. When he is doing that, the defenses can deal damage at it.

    A fun twist... the UW does not take damage underground BUT he can only survive there for 1 minute. After that, it explodes, all the troops inside too. Be sure to have a haste spell or too just in case to make sure it does arrive to the town hall!

    As some of us know, the elixir comes from underneath the village. So, as the UW goes underneath it too, every elixir drop he gets will be doubled!
    That’s it! Thanks for reading

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    I present to you... The Spitfire!!

    Backstory: One day a wizard and a Bowler went a stroll. They wandered around the woods for quite some time. Finally they stumbled upon the war base. They tried avoiding the lava but the clumsy old bowler knocked them both in. They thought they would die but instead they evolved. Now they control fire and have fun.

    The Spitfire will be able to move. Once it gets in range it attacks with the 3 modified roasters hooked to the front of their machine. when it dies it explodes with fire in a 8 block radius, and drops the cc troops and the mutated wizard and bowler. It has 4 levels and is unlocked right after the siege barracks.The

    Movement speed: 17
    Holding space: 35

    Level 1
    HP: 3750
    DPS: 320
    DPH: 255

    Level 2
    HP: 4000
    DPS: 370
    DPH: 280

    Level 3
    HP: 4250
    DPS: 420
    DPH: 300

    Hope you like it and if you need any clarification just ask!!

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    Introducing the Wizards revenge.

    The - Spell Wagon

    The wizards are tired of being picked off by the clan defensive troops so have put all of their science into modifying the Wall Wrecker to target the Clan Castle.

    Once deployed it will make a line straight for the Clan castle, as a compromise to enable its special abilities, some armour has been removed so it slightly less tanky, but slightly faster. Once it starts talking damage the wagon immediately goes into ghost mode passing through walls and buildings with no resistance and triggering any traps in its path for a limited duration, during this time, it and any troops nearby will be immune to all damage and effects. Once at the Clan castle or when popped will release a spell bomb in a rainbow of colour containing the properties of every spell the wizards have developed at max level for their respective durations. Will continuously shoot wizard fireballs at anything directly in its patch.

    With 3 or 4 levels of upgrade starting statistics will be

    DPS : 280 ( retains 10x damage to walls )
    Hitpoints : 3500
    Damage type : Splash
    Ghost mode : 7 seconds
    Spell bomb : 3 tile radius effect.

    Movement speed : 14
    Description : Purple wall wrecker with no ram but instead golden gem which releases fireballs.

    Each upgrade would add 50 DPS, 500 hitpoints, 0.5 seconds ghost mode & 1 tile increase to spell bomb radius.

    Like all things wizard will rely on strategic placement and timing to get maximum advantage.
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    Spell truck\plane

    The veteran wizards of spell factory were feeling bored from their daily work of manufacturing spells and wanted to join others in war but they were too weak so they asked master builder to build them a vehicle through which continue giving their service and enjoy the battle
    Description-this seige machines is a support type seige machine which follows other troops and provides them with a random spell every 30 seconds.
    The spells this seige machines spawns are rage spell ,heal spell, haste spell , skeleton spell, bat spell.
    Damage when destroyed-50.
    Spell spawning time- 30 seconds

    It can be trained in siege workshop in two forms one in truck which helps land troops and one in form of plane to help air troops.

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    Siege Machine : Spinning Top

    Description : Do as it's named, the spinning top siege machine deals damage to all structure as it spins (similar to Valkyrie), but deals damage as soon as it touches any structure, like a cyclone. Movement speed will decrease if large housing space troops are loaded in, but deals increased damage. When troops get deployed, troops will be flung towards their respective favorite target (nearest).

    Preferred Targets : Any
    Attack Type : Area Splash
    Attack Speed : 0.5 second

    Movement speed if loaded with # housing space troops:
    Housing space : Movement Speed : extra damage per hit
    30+ : 14 : 25
    20 - 29 : 16 : 15
    10 - 19 : 18 : 10
    0 - 9 : 20 : 0
    (as long as it has 1 loaded of the higher housing space, counts)

    Level : 1

    Damage per hit : 150
    Damage Per second : 300
    Hitpoints : 5300

    Level : 2

    Damage per hit : 200
    Damage Per second : 350
    Hitpoints : 5700

    Level : 3

    Damage per hit : 200
    Damage Per second : 400
    Hitpoints : 6100

    - Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown
    - Some would question if the risk was worth it. The Rest were already dead.
    - OK BOOMER ------------------ 小舟從此逝 江海寄餘生
    - Victory goes not to the able, but to the ambitious.

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